Thursday, January 27, 2011

I just packed the weirdest bag

So, I'm headed to L.A. tomorrow for my cousin's baby shower and then I'm hitching a ride with my mom and aunt back to Arizona to get the final work done on my house there and get it all rented out. I left a bunch of clothes in Phoenix so my suitcase contains the following: my brother's clothes (which he left here because we had a hasty trip to the airport the day he left), baby stuff (for the shower), a double batch of toffee (also for the shower), textbooks, and an empty duffel (for bringing clothes back with me). There is also one change of clothes for me in there, but that's about it. I guess I wouldn't be too embarrassed about getting it searched, but I might get some funny looks. Also, after my bag got searched on the way back from my bachelorette party, I'm pretty sure I'm 'embarrassment at the airport' proof.

Watch, now something horrible is going to happen to me.

But anyway, I want to know about everyone else's plans for the weekend. Got anything exciting going on?

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