Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Hey peoples. Minor setback in the internetting last week. I got sick. Bleh. But, I still like things, so here are the some Tuesday Treasures!

1. Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis (and SG-1, a bit), one of my favorite characters of all time. I found this awesome video of Amanda Tapping discussing why she likes his character. Love him. And her.

2. The Fangirl Awards. Being a part of this academy is so much fun for me. The nominees went up today and now I get to dive in even more to see all the movies, read all the comic books, watch Fringe (because it's the only TV show nominee I haven't already watched, is that bad?), etc.

3. A new awesome cookbook. This time it's this one, which I got for Christmas. I am really looking forward to whipping up a rich, boozy cake.

4. Apr├Ęs ski. You know that feeling you get after a day of skiing and freezing your butt off when you get to wear comfy sweaters and eat carby food by a fire while drinking beer with friends? Best thing ever.

5. Really adorable animal pictures. Like these. Who doesn't like adorable animal pics? 


Thug Pug

(click for source)


  1. Oh you must let me know which booze cake to make first!! I haven't bought it yet... but it's next on my Amazon gift list!

  2. I definitely will! I'm excited to make some cakes!

  3. Pug Life? ;)

    There's no way that polar bear is real, there's just no way...it's TOO CUTE!!


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