Monday, February 21, 2011

It's totally going to be sweeping the nation soon...

I have the next new diet craze. I call it the geek diet (or maybe not because that's a horrible name).

Here's the gist: any time you feel hungry or like you're snacking out of boredom, watch something from the following list. You probably won't feel like eating anymore, trust me.

1. Pretty much any episode of Farscape*
2. Pretty much any episode of The X Files.
3. The first 5 minutes of any Bones episode.
4. The banquet scene in Temple of Doom.
5. The Exorcist**
6. Alien, especially that chest-bursting scene
7. Select episodes of CSI, especially that one with the body in the gym bag. Ew.
8. The Walking Dead***
9. Episodes of Buffy where there are giant freaky bug demons (and the like)
10. Joe's Apartment****


*Watching this show inspired this list 
**Or pretty much any horror movie
***Or pretty much any zombie movie
****Come on, who else remembers this movie? "Fun-ky tow-el, towels got the funk"


  1. Haha, love the idea!

    Pretty much any episode of Fringe (especially the first 5 minutes).

    We usually watch an episode of a TV show while eating dinner and we had to put a moratorium on Fringe during food time.

    Pasta with red sauce + giant larvae growing in people = NO APPETITE

  2. @Meg - nice! I still haven't watched Fringe, but I know what you mean. Anything with bugs entering human bodies totally grosses me out. Remember the tobacco bugs on X-files??? Ew.

  3. Certain episodes of Mythbusters can be a problem. Like the one where they try to make a candle out of ear wax, or try to polish poop. Bleh.

  4. @Mike The earwax candle is one of the grossest Mythbuster myths. I had blocked it out, but thanks for reminding me ;)

  5. I also want to add the episode of Mythbusters where they try to cut a pig in half.

  6. @Jen Oh yeah! That's not as bad as some, but it's pretty gross. :-P


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