Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

1. My new favorite thing is ignoring the idiot fans of my favorite shows. Reading comments on interviews and any sort of commentary on the hulu message boards does nothing for me except annoy the heck out of me. Seriously, I have never seen a hulu discussion board that wasn't ragging on something insignificant or just bitching about something. Bleh. Plus, some of them are so wrong, assuming things that contradict statements made by show creators (which I heard out of their own mouths, in person, I might add). Remember TV without the internet? I am so nostalgic for that. If I love a show, I really could care less what strangers think about it. The fact that there are entire websites dedicated to picking apart the minutiae of TV shows and bitching about it just makes me sad. Let me love my shows in peace!

2. On a more lighthearted note, I'm loving these awesome headbands that Kam of Campfire Chic told me about. We will be wearing them to Comic-Con. Here's the one I picked out:

3. New photos in my etsy shop. I'm starting to advertise and do giveaways and promote my shop (especially since I had previously done no promotion at all, ever) and I love posting new photos. Here are the latest three:

4. Firefly references on other TV shows. They make me very happy every time I see them. (These clips are short and totally worth watching even if you don't watch Castle, Community, or tBBt.)

This first one is the best but the clip is long, the reference is basically the first 34 seconds.

5. This mask. It is my new favorite skincare product. Do not be dissuaded by the fact that it smells like tires.


  1. I'm still deciding about which headband I'm going to get...It's a mystery!

  2. I love catching Firefly references on other shows as well. Everytime we hear one my boyfriend and I get really excited! Super nerdy, but whatever!

  3. I didn't realize how many Firefly references were in Castle!

  4. @Mike - there was another one this week.

  5. I think I need to watch Castle ....I loved firefly!!

  6. @Jessi - do it! Nathan Fillion is just awesome no matter what he is doing :)

  7. Jen, you're my favorite. Also, I miss Firefly so much it hurts. I think I'm definitely due for a re-watch.

  8. @Gretchen <3

    Would it be too dramatic to say that I ache for Firefly? Probably, but I said it anyway.

    I'm due for a re-watch too, but I might save it for the summer, if I can wait that long.

  9. that headband is AMAZING! And Firefly/Castle... sigh! :) Geeks of the same heart!

  10. I adore Firefly, and I laugh each time they make a reference in Castle. Such great shows, both!


  11. @Kim & Mandy - I know, right? Geeks of a feather.

    Welcome, Mandy! Nice to meet you :)


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