Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Wednesday Treasures!

I'm a bit late with this because I left my computer cord in Colorado! My husband fedexed it to me and it arrived last night. A computer is very useful if you want to blog, or take online classes, or in my case, charge my cell phone. oops! Anyway, here are my treasures:

1. This book. I am loving it so far. I had to tear myself away to get things done. I'm pretty sure I'm about halfway through, a drawback to an eReader is that I'm never quite sure.



2 & 3. Self-portraits. I usually hate having my photo taken, and I still kind of do, but I actually enjoyed this assignment for my digital photography class. I had some fun with it. Plus, my new remote for my camera made it so easy. Also, bang trims. Who knew this was what was missing in my life? I always let my bangs grow out too long and then cut them with the rest of my hair. Getting my bangs trimmed in between cuts is one of my new favorite things.

4. A new, fun photographic process. This video on cyanotype printing has me trawling eBay for 8x10 negatives.

Balloon Fiesta - 8x10

5. An anniversary. Tomorrow is my nine-year dating anniversary with my husband, but we won't be together, so we are planning a great date for when I get back. Any ideas?

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