Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Days of Lists Wrap-Up - Days 25 - 30

Previous Lists:
Day 25 - I would rather be...

Day 26 - Books to read this year

List 26 - Books to read this year

List 27 - Lessons I've learned

List 27 - lessons I've learned

I am all about the lesson-learning. Usually the hard way. I had to fill up 2 pages for this one and I thought of a bunch more while I was photographing this. I decided I had to cut the list off at some point, though.

List 28 - Vacations to take

List 28

List 29 - Favorite foods

List 29 - favorite foods

List 30 -To Do Today

List 30 - to do today

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

1. Wil wHeaton. The man is an actor/writer who is also a genuine geek (see: Just a Geek and This Picture). He has a sense of humor about himself and his past work (see: Memories of the Future, Guest appearances on The Big Bang Theory). He's also pretty good writer, very moving (see: this blog post). Bonus: he's a vegetarian, but not one of those militant, preachy ones.

Wil Wheaton

(before anyone harasses me about the photo credit,
I took this picture. I credit ME.)

2. This bloody poster for HP7ii.

3. Philip K. Dick adaptations. Well, some of them. Particularly these:

Others I could take or leave. Did anyone else see The Adjustment Bureau? The love story was sweet, but I felt there was something missing, action-wise.

4. This print.

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

5. John Slattery and his subtle campaign to bring back hats and three-piece suits.

(source - The Adjustment Bureau)

(Mad Men)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Photos and things

I sent Ashley of A Hasty Life my Balloon Love photo. She had great things to say about it. Check it out here.

After much deliberation, I added my little turtle friend to the etsy shop. Check him out here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Days of Lists wrap-up - Days 19 - 24

Previous Lists:

Day 19 - Recipes to Try

List 19 - Recipes to Try

Day 20 - Celebrity Crushes


Cover Makeover (got a new toy)

Cover makeover

Day 21 - what to do this spring

List 21 - Things to do this spring

Day 22 - What I saw today

List 22 - what I saw today

Day 23 - Guilty Pleasures

There are so many more that I didn't think of at the time. 

Day 24 - Things I make lists for

List 24 - I make lists for ...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

For those of you who might be new, Tuesday Treasures is where I talk about 5 things I think are awesome. Also, welcome!

1. A new hiking place. Specifically Red Rock Canyon. It's also called Red Rock Open Space, but that name isn't as cool. The trails are nice and there are a variety of lengths and difficulties. Plus, the view is great and day use is free.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

2. Blooper reels. They have always cracked me up. The best thing about living in the future is that most of them have made their way to the internet. How great is that??

Here's the Firefly reel for all you fans. Note: this is not edited, so if you aren't a fan of the f-word, I would skip it. 

I also particularly enjoyed the How I Met Your Mother and Bones Blooper reels. I would google those if you like those shows.

3. My husband. He's so cute. And he has crazy hair.

natural backlight

4. True Citrus. I drink twice as much water when I add it, because it tastes so good!

5. Last week's EW cover. I keep checking the mail expectantly, but since my subscription is being forwarded from Arizona, it takes longer to get. Since I'm writing this post in advance, hopefully it will be here by the time it goes live. That's probably more information than you needed.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I love Top Gear even though I don't love cars

I told my brother I was going to write this post a long time ago, resulting in some teasing because I hadn't done it yet. Here's a tip: never tell your brother anything. He's a butthead. 

So, you don't get to be a Route 66 enthusiast (or my father's daughter) without some degree of appreciation for a pretty car, but I can't say that I am particularly fascinated by them. This show, on the other hand, I truly enjoy.

Here's why:

It's freaking hilarious. I don't laugh a lot while I watch TV, but I do with this show. This is amplified when I watch it with my husband, who is a laugh-out-loud slut. 

It's British. It's no secret I am a fan of the British television.

You know about my thing for good opening titles/theme song. It has that.

They really love cars and the enthusiasm is infectious.

It's a lot about driving, which I do love.

They rate cars based on "coolness." Least objective system ever. Love it. Apparently my car is so uncool, however, that they didn't even bother putting it on the wall. See for yourself.

Oh well, I still like it.

I'm a sucker for narration.

It wears many hats: part car show, part 'reality' show, part talk show, part adventure show.

The specials are kind of amazing, and often quite moving.

Richard Hammond is so cute. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me all day.

So much of it isn't scripted, but it's totally entertaining. This show and Mythbusters are as close as I get to "reality TV."

The cheating. The rules of challenges are taken as mere suggestions for these guys.

Facts about The Stig

These guys work hard for the money. They do crazy, dangerous stuff, dig cars out of the snow and mud and water, and drive across Africa, the Arctic, and the Middle East.

It's often not shiny and I love the gritty parts. They don't gloss over things like how to do #2 in the Arctic or shy away from talking with Ewan McGregor about the size of his manhood. 

It isn't politically correct, so much so that they have gotten complaints on more than one occasion. When it doesn't go too far, it's pretty refreshing.

Star in a reasonably-priced car. Sorry for the long clips, but I whittled it down to three great stars.

If often yell at the TV, "this is such a bad idea!" so you know they are doing something right.

The boys are obviously BFFs. I love the pranks, the teasing, the joking. They are great.

They do things that have never been done before (mostly because these things are absolutely batshit crazy nuts). Examples include driving to the North Pole, driving across the Makgadikgadi Pan, building a space shuttle from a Reliant Robin, and many other stunts.

Any other fans out there? Why do you love it?

Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Days of lists wrap-up - Days 14-18

Previous Lists:

Day 14 - Things I love about ___________

For my "Things I love about ___________" prompt, I chose my new town, Colorado Springs. This caused a bit of overlap between days 14 and 16, as you will see below. That's the trouble with not knowing the prompts ahead of time!

Whenever I talk about The Springs, people feel obligated to bring up its conservativeness or claiming they would 'never want to live there'. It's incredibly frustrating.

The part of town I live in is the least conservative and religious, much less so than my old neighborhood and workplace in Phoenix. Plus, I hated living in Phoenix and I finally live somewhere I like. I have had exactly zero experiences in Colorado Springs that lead me to believe that it is full of extreme religious nutjobs.

But anyway, here are a bunch of things I like about it. 

List 14 

Day 15 - Shopping List

This one had the potential to be boring, so I tried to make it as interesting as possible.

List 15

Day 16 - Places to see in my town
There's a bit of crossover between Day 14 and this one. 

I skipped Day 17. "Words that are difficult to spell" really just wasn't clicking for me. I thought I would just skip it rather than fight with it. I decorated the page with the lomographic punchouts from the beginning of the notebook. I found out these weren't stamps after licking them and trying (unsuccessfully) to stick them to the page. Then I felt dumb. But they should have been stamps.

Day 18 - Road Trip Must-haves

More stuff about road trips:

Road Trips

10 Reasons to take a solo road trip

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treasury Love

I haven't done a "hey, check out these awesome treasuries I'm in" type of post in a while. There have been some great ones over the last couple of months. I love being in treasuries. Thanks so much to the people who create them!!

Love them!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life in The Springs - My Neighborherd

Now that I actually live somewhere I like, I would love to share more about The Springs (that's what people who live in Colorado call Colorado Springs). Hopefully you all would be interested in that. I love when bloggers talk about where they live.

First up, one of my favorite things about my neighborhood is the herd of deer that stop by almost daily. Seeing the neighborherd (term coined for me by Ali) never gets old for me. They are relatively relaxed, too, and not super skittish, so I can usually take quite a few pictures before they wander off.

Look how cute.

Sidenote: when my husband and I were discussing where to go for our anniversary this year, my first thought was still "we could go to Colorado!" completely forgetting that we live here now ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

1. This video. Seriously. The best thing ever. Especially if you love NPH, Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother, Les Miserables, singing, or any of the above. I have to give Gretchen credit for sharing it on Reader and introducing me to the awesomeness.

2. Dessert gum. Genius. It totally doesn't seem like something I would like and I wouldn't have even tried it if my hair stylist hadn't given me a piece, but I was pleasantly surprised. They are great flavors. Yum!

 3. This card I found via Pinterest. It made me laugh out loud.

4. Opening titles/intro music. I may be old-fashioned about this compared to other members of our impatient society, but I appreciate a good opening sequence with a catchy song. Especially if it's a special one, chock full of amazing guest stars, like this one:

It gives me a tingly feeling. I seriously watched it about four times before posting. Maybe five. Okay, okay, six. And then I almost cried. But then I pulled it together. Barely.

5. This cake.

Peanut Butter Cup Cake

The recipe is over on Campfire Chic.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 days of lists wrap-up - Days 10 - 13

Day 10 - Wish list
Also, I know how to spell catalogue, but not pre-coffee. 

List 10

Day 11 - Date Night Ideas

List 11

Day 12 - Weekly rituals

List 12

I am not a "consistent schedule" kind of person. Most of the things I do are just sort of crammed into my week wherever they will fit.

Day 13 - DIYs to try

Day 13 - DIYs

I am terrible at actually following through on DIYs, but I have put together a pinterest board of tutorials I would love to try. Some of them have been on my list for months or longer.

Here's a link to the actual board: DIY Board I'm not sure if you need pinterest to see it. Let me know.

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