Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 days of lists wrap-up - Days 10 - 13

Day 10 - Wish list
Also, I know how to spell catalogue, but not pre-coffee. 

List 10

Day 11 - Date Night Ideas

List 11

Day 12 - Weekly rituals

List 12

I am not a "consistent schedule" kind of person. Most of the things I do are just sort of crammed into my week wherever they will fit.

Day 13 - DIYs to try

Day 13 - DIYs

I am terrible at actually following through on DIYs, but I have put together a pinterest board of tutorials I would love to try. Some of them have been on my list for months or longer.

Here's a link to the actual board: DIY Board I'm not sure if you need pinterest to see it. Let me know.


  1. Find me a career that I can actually like too while you're at it please? :) And Bones has been SO GOOD this season, it has consistently gotten better and better. ♥

    P.S. I friended you on Pinterest. :)

  2. @Sarah thanks for stopping by!! I love love love Bones. I think their partnership is really amazing and people get too caught up in the 'will they or won't they'.

  3. Great lists...and tea and hookah make for a great date night!

  4. I was going to have a Dr Horrible singalong the other day and then our disc wouldn't play. Twas tragic.

  5. @suzanne - it's so relaxing, and intimate.

    @morgan - that IS tragic.


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