Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Days of lists wrap-up - Days 14-18

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Day 14 - Things I love about ___________

For my "Things I love about ___________" prompt, I chose my new town, Colorado Springs. This caused a bit of overlap between days 14 and 16, as you will see below. That's the trouble with not knowing the prompts ahead of time!

Whenever I talk about The Springs, people feel obligated to bring up its conservativeness or claiming they would 'never want to live there'. It's incredibly frustrating.

The part of town I live in is the least conservative and religious, much less so than my old neighborhood and workplace in Phoenix. Plus, I hated living in Phoenix and I finally live somewhere I like. I have had exactly zero experiences in Colorado Springs that lead me to believe that it is full of extreme religious nutjobs.

But anyway, here are a bunch of things I like about it. 

List 14 

Day 15 - Shopping List

This one had the potential to be boring, so I tried to make it as interesting as possible.

List 15

Day 16 - Places to see in my town
There's a bit of crossover between Day 14 and this one. 

I skipped Day 17. "Words that are difficult to spell" really just wasn't clicking for me. I thought I would just skip it rather than fight with it. I decorated the page with the lomographic punchouts from the beginning of the notebook. I found out these weren't stamps after licking them and trying (unsuccessfully) to stick them to the page. Then I felt dumb. But they should have been stamps.

Day 18 - Road Trip Must-haves

More stuff about road trips:

Road Trips

10 Reasons to take a solo road trip


  1. Not all of the lists are really clicking for me, either, but I try to alter them in a way that's true to the theme, if I can. I had trouble with 17 specifically too, because I'm actually a pretty decent speller—I have to be, I'm an editor! :)

  2. Mandy - I'm a pretty good natural speller, too, and I'm paranoid about ruining my rep so I always check spellings if I'm even a little unsure. I'm thinking about substituting a different list for that day so I still have 30. I guess I'll wait to see what all the prompts are first.

  3. I had a hard time with that prompt one as well, I mean c'mon-everything has spellcheck, right?! Just kidding.

    I see that you are getting ready to purchase Walking Dead Vol. 13...I wish Vol. 14 was out now. I can't stand waiting for it or having to buy single issues.

    Also, you've made me want to visit Colorado Springs so we can go buy some nerdy stuff together and then go to a roller derby bout!

  4. @Morgan - I am deficient at buying single issues. I always go at the wrong time or too late and the comic book store has issues 5&6 but I'm on 2.

    Colorado Springs is great!! That sounds like a lot of fun.


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