Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Days of Lists wrap-up - Days 19 - 24

Previous Lists:

Day 19 - Recipes to Try

List 19 - Recipes to Try

Day 20 - Celebrity Crushes


Cover Makeover (got a new toy)

Cover makeover

Day 21 - what to do this spring

List 21 - Things to do this spring

Day 22 - What I saw today

List 22 - what I saw today

Day 23 - Guilty Pleasures

There are so many more that I didn't think of at the time. 

Day 24 - Things I make lists for

List 24 - I make lists for ...


  1. I knew I forgot a few people on my celebrity crushes, namely David Boreanaz, Zach Quinto, JGL, Colin Firth, & of course Henry Ian Cusik!

  2. RDJ, Ewan McGregor, geeky t-shirts, well-written fanfiction...yep, we were meant to be friends :)

  3. Meg - especially since we met before we knew about most of those things, if not all.

  4. You're doing a 5k? Awesome!! Where is it? Colorado has some of the most gorgeous places to run!! I'm jealous! Not that the desert isn't gorgeous sometimes, but... :)

    Aww, dead squirrel :(

  5. @Mel - not yet, but I'm starting the training program. The elevation change has made adjusting hard! I've mostly been hiking a lot. The next 5k in the area is all uphill. Not sure I'm ready for that yet!

  6. Ooh, yeah that'll be tough! Whenever I go up to prescott I have a seriously hard time working out. Vicki and I are doing a half marathon this sunday and it'll be a lot more hilly than I'm used to. Hopefully it'll be alright though.

    Good luck with the training!! I'm sure that all the hiking you are doing will really help!


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