Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 days of lists wrap-up - Days 5 - 9

It's not too late to join in on 30 Days of Lists! I decided to do this post today instead of Friday so the list posts would be in manageable chunks.

Day 5 - Weekend Goals

List 5

(and I accomplished all these things because I made this list and posted it online - best motivator ever)

Day 6 - Favorite & Least Favorite Words

List 6

Day 7 - Blog Goals

List 7 

Day 8 - What's in your bag? 

List 8 (Purse) 

List 8 (Camera Bag)

Day 9 - Favorite Websites

List 9

Here's a bonus list that I just made up: 

Things I like about the 30 lists challenge
1) Seeing everyone else's lists and getting ideas
2) Meeting new internet and flickr friends (best kind of networking ever), and learning more about my existing friends
3) Finding out that writing things out on paper and then photographing them is something I really enjoy, and hope to incorporate further here on the blog
4) Having something to look forward to each morning. I'm still torn with whether or not to pay to get the list topics ahead of time. I could be more creative and complete with them, but less spontaneous. 
5) Going out on my deck every morning to take these pictures
6) Getting blog ideas
7) Being a total nerd and then having people agree with me (that's my favorite thing in life)

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  1. I really like your lists and wish I would have expanded to some of my favorite words too!


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