Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I love Top Gear even though I don't love cars

I told my brother I was going to write this post a long time ago, resulting in some teasing because I hadn't done it yet. Here's a tip: never tell your brother anything. He's a butthead. 

So, you don't get to be a Route 66 enthusiast (or my father's daughter) without some degree of appreciation for a pretty car, but I can't say that I am particularly fascinated by them. This show, on the other hand, I truly enjoy.

Here's why:

It's freaking hilarious. I don't laugh a lot while I watch TV, but I do with this show. This is amplified when I watch it with my husband, who is a laugh-out-loud slut. 

It's British. It's no secret I am a fan of the British television.

You know about my thing for good opening titles/theme song. It has that.

They really love cars and the enthusiasm is infectious.

It's a lot about driving, which I do love.

They rate cars based on "coolness." Least objective system ever. Love it. Apparently my car is so uncool, however, that they didn't even bother putting it on the wall. See for yourself.

Oh well, I still like it.

I'm a sucker for narration.

It wears many hats: part car show, part 'reality' show, part talk show, part adventure show.

The specials are kind of amazing, and often quite moving.

Richard Hammond is so cute. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me all day.

So much of it isn't scripted, but it's totally entertaining. This show and Mythbusters are as close as I get to "reality TV."

The cheating. The rules of challenges are taken as mere suggestions for these guys.

Facts about The Stig

These guys work hard for the money. They do crazy, dangerous stuff, dig cars out of the snow and mud and water, and drive across Africa, the Arctic, and the Middle East.

It's often not shiny and I love the gritty parts. They don't gloss over things like how to do #2 in the Arctic or shy away from talking with Ewan McGregor about the size of his manhood. 

It isn't politically correct, so much so that they have gotten complaints on more than one occasion. When it doesn't go too far, it's pretty refreshing.

Star in a reasonably-priced car. Sorry for the long clips, but I whittled it down to three great stars.

If often yell at the TV, "this is such a bad idea!" so you know they are doing something right.

The boys are obviously BFFs. I love the pranks, the teasing, the joking. They are great.

They do things that have never been done before (mostly because these things are absolutely batshit crazy nuts). Examples include driving to the North Pole, driving across the Makgadikgadi Pan, building a space shuttle from a Reliant Robin, and many other stunts.

Any other fans out there? Why do you love it?


  1. LOVE. I love this show. I don't have the BBC, but I watch on demand and on netflix as often as possible. We just watched the special tonite of the 3 wise men.

    And I must agree on everything you noted. All of those reasons make it a top notch show for all. :)

  2. @Trixie - yay, I'm glad you think so!!! Your comment made my day :-)

  3. This is pretty much the best car show on the planet. I thought I liked it because I really like cars but after reading this I realized it was actually because of all these reasons! Good choice on the "Star in a reasonably-priced car" segments. Those were some of the best!

  4. For the record: I really am a butthead

  5. Jeff - Aren't you glad I'm here to tell you why you like something?

  6. Hubs & I LOVE Top Gear! In terms of laughing out loud, I'm more like your hubby and my Hubs is more like you. I think he finds Top Gear funny, but I'm pretty sure I think it's funnier. I love it for all the reasons you said. The "Coolness" wall is one of my favs.
    We've gone back and we're watching all the episodes from the very beginning. James May wasn't on the first season, and I feel badly for the guy he replaces, but the show is SO much better with James May.

  7. Ali - yay, that's so awesome!! I love the wall of coolness, even if it doesn't love my car back. I want to start from the beginning and watch them all. I've seen most of the ones from the later seasons. I just love that it's always there if I need something amazing and hilarious to watch.

  8. I'm pretty sure you're not, honey.


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