Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Treasures (re-scheduled due to Mardis Gras)

1. Bondi Bands - a true miracle of "keeping the sweat and hair out of your eyes" technology. I only wish I had discovered them for college marching band camp back in the day. There would have been a lot less eye-burning. I bought one and I have used it religiously for workouts, and I just ordered a couple of other colors because I like variety and I'm not sure I want to be "the chick with the yellow headband" at my gym. But seriously, they have eliminated the need for me to carry a towel to mop up my face.

bondi band

2. Snow. It's snowing out as I type this (obviously, see picture above). I love being in the cocoon of snow and mist (when I'm not driving, that is). My hope is that we will get enough accumulation at some point so that I can sled in my backyard. That's the dream!

3. Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings - Love em. So yummy and so much healthier than real chicken and sauce.

4.  Amazing DIY projects that even I would have the patience and ability to do like this one or this one.

5. Making awesomely bad movies into impromptu drinking games. Here's an example of a drinking game I made up for The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon, posting the rules on while I watched*
(This movie does not take place at the Grand Canyon. It is not shown, nor is it ever mentioned.)
  • Drink every time something is factually inaccurate (i.e a coal miner using a pan instead of a gold miner)
  • Drink every time there is a scenery shot that is so obviously not Arizona 
  • Drink every time Michael Shanks does not make eye contact with the person he is talking to
  • Drink every time there is terrible CGI 
  • Drink every time the period costuming is really off (ie Michael Shanks' umbrella) 
  • Drink every time there is a prop failure (ie the 'dead horse' that's a hide thrown over a box) 
  • Drink every time Michael Shanks' accent morphs into something else 
  • Drink every time Shanks says Quetzalcoatl 
  • Drink every time a character does something unnatural or that doesn't make sense (ie. MS says "everybody down!" and that one dude leaps up) 
  • Drink every time they try to force sexual tension that doesn't exist
You may be drunk with the bad CGI one alone. You're welcome.

*I'd like to caveat this by saying I love Michael Shanks, but sometimes good actors do bad movies.


  1. I don't even drink and I would play that drinking game.

    Also, you have caused me to add those wings to my grocery list, they sound so so so yummy.

  2. I've never heard of the movie. How did you manage to come across it?

    As far as the drinking goes, it sounds like I would only need to watch the first 10 minutes of the movie to get drunk. (low tolerance + bad movie?) lol

  3. @Morgan - they are totally yummy.

    @pocketwonders - it was recommended to me on netflix because I watched a bunch of Stargate SG-1, also starring Michael Shanks.

    I finished off 2 drinks playing this game and I was taking tiny sips whenever I "took a drink"

  4. Thanks for linking to the bondi bands! Or maybe I should say, why did you link to those, I immediately had to buy some!! I love the slogans! I got the "i love running/i hate running/i love running/i hate running" one :)

  5. That is definitely not Stargate quality. But the movie is kind of ridiculously hilarious.

  6. @Mel - they rock.

    @Mandy - The character Michael Shanks plays is like an exaggerated version of Daniel Jackson. With all the likability stripped away.


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