Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

1. Internet buddies. I had such a great week last week with awesome comments here, on twitter, and on my guest post on Kam's blog. Everyone was so sweet and I just want to say thanks. Moving to a new city and taking a full load of classes online and unpacking all our crap often means that I don't get a lot of non-feline interaction during the day, so it's nice to get some internet love.

2. 30 Days of lists, a project which kicks off today. This is the perfect idea for me, as I'm such a list maker by nature (that should probably be on the first day's list!!)

List 1

3. Emerald cocoa roast almonds. My new snack du jour. They are dusted in cocoa, rather than coated with chocolate. So much better for you, and delicious!

4. Manitou Springs, the small, eclectic, hippie-ish town attached to Colorado Springs. I love exploring it. At some point, I will do a post dedicated to it but here are some tidbits. This little town has a huge arcade with dozens of ride-on animals and machines, art and historical buildings everywhere, a little bookstore that also serves wine and has designated bay windows for reading, and natural mineral water springs all over town.

 5. Perspective. I've been trying to get some. This print helps.


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