Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

1. Wil wHeaton. The man is an actor/writer who is also a genuine geek (see: Just a Geek and This Picture). He has a sense of humor about himself and his past work (see: Memories of the Future, Guest appearances on The Big Bang Theory). He's also pretty good writer, very moving (see: this blog post). Bonus: he's a vegetarian, but not one of those militant, preachy ones.

Wil Wheaton

(before anyone harasses me about the photo credit,
I took this picture. I credit ME.)

2. This bloody poster for HP7ii.

3. Philip K. Dick adaptations. Well, some of them. Particularly these:

Others I could take or leave. Did anyone else see The Adjustment Bureau? The love story was sweet, but I felt there was something missing, action-wise.

4. This print.

Source: google.com via Monica on Pinterest

5. John Slattery and his subtle campaign to bring back hats and three-piece suits.

(source - The Adjustment Bureau)

(Mad Men)


  1. I'm jealous that you were close enough to Wil Wheaton to take that picture.

  2. Shannon - It was at the Eureka screening at Comic-Con. He just found out he was going to be a recurring character and he was really excited.

  3. The new harry potter poster gets me SO EXCITED.

  4. @justine - I know, right? Posters are better than trailers, because any trailer for any HP movie makes me cry. I'm pathetic like that.

  5. I've passed by Wil a couple of times in the Exhibit Hall, and I'm still too nervous to ask to take a photo with him. :/

    Also, I want to like John Slattery so bad ... but all I can think of when I see him is the role he played in Sex and the City—the guy who liked "golden showers." And that squicks me out a little, as silly as that sounds.

  6. @Mandy - yeah, I try not to think about that role :P

    My brother went and talked to Wil last year at SDCC (I was in the Eureka screening). He said he was really cool.


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