Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

1. Prezi online presentations. We used this program for one of my classes and I had a lot of fun with it. It took me all day to create the presentation because I was messing around with all the settings. Basically you put all your information out on one surface, and then you map out the presentation, zooming in and out on the different photos and text boxes. It sounds weird, but it makes it easy to organize all your information and it makes it look all zippy.

2. The new Star Tours ride sounds like a lot of fun, even though I have an unnatural attachment to the original. Disney has this neato passport program if you're a super nerd (like me) and you want to get it stamped for all the planets you visit. Or if you have children for which these things might be more age-appropriate...

Yep, I'm a huge dork. Ignore my hand in front of my face, there. I felt like this photo had the right facial expression.

3. Instagram and the fact that I only seem to use it to take pictures of my cats.



Happy face

4. Remember back in the day when you had to go through the process of getting film developed and you would pick up the prints and it would be amazing because you finally got to see your pictures for the first time? I'm really glad I still get to do that, because it's still fun.


5. Matt Smith as The Doctor. It's well known among people with whom I have discussed Doctor Who, that I loved David Tennant as The Doctor. I thought he was hilarious, moving, handsome, and had just the right amount of intensity for the role, which is kind of a lot of intensity at times. I put off watching the David Tennant specials for a very long time (until the next Comic-Con, actually, because you don't really want to go into Comic-Con without being caught up on your favorite shows) because I knew what had to happen, and I just sobbed when I finally watched (yep, pathetic). I was reluctant to see if Matt could live up to his predecessor. I just have to say, he is amazing. He is humorous, intelligent, tear-jerking, and just all-around great as The Doctor. He completely blew me away. So here's to you, Matt, and here's to Series 6 kicking off! If you're a fan, do yourself a favor and watch these interviews.


  1. You know I'd be down for one of those passports. (Side note, I was watching Supernatural last night, and Sam was using Wedge Antilles as an alias. I loled.)

    I only use Instagram for pictures of my nails and Mollie, haha. But I love all the different settings!

    I love what you said about David, because I feel the same way. Thank you for putting it into words. And I agree with you, Matt Smith really has taken the role and run with it. I loved the opener last weekend, even if it did leave me with a lot of questions ... I have to trust in Moffat. ;)


  2. I still haven't gotten to the point yet where I can watch the David Tennant specials.. I'm excited to see Matt Smith in the role but can't seem to force myself to watch the rest of David's run.. Hopefully this will be enough to light a fire under me!

  3. Mandy - I can't wait until Saturday! ACK! I want to discuss this with you but I am afraid I would have to resort to talking in some sort of code. I may have to email you.

    Trust Moffat - that could be a good T-shirt.

    Jeff - If I can watch, you can watch. Embrace the pain!!!

  4. Email away! :D (mandyannecurtis@gmail.com)

  5. Thanks for the link to Prezi. If I have to watch one more crappily made Powerpoint presentation from my students, I'm going to kill one of them.

  6. GAH! This one episode per week of Doctor Who is killing me already! And its only been one week!

  7. @Ashley - powerpoint can be dangerous in the hands of underclassmen. Whenever I had a group project for any class, I would do the powerpoint. Mostly because everyone else sucked at it.

    It's hard to make crappy prezi presentations.

    @Mike - The waiting is killing me, too.


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