Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Treasures

1. Enver Gjokaj as VictorAnthonyTerryRogerLaurenceAntonTomDrewKikiLucaGolsonTopher on Dollhouse. The man is a genius. He really needs to be in more things. As a regular, not just a guest-star.

2. Clever promos. I usually have to see them on the interwebs because I don't actually watch TV on TV but I love when I find them. Here's a great one:

3. Subtle references in TV shows. We talked about Firefly ones before. So, of course, here is another one of those:

This was actually a substitute for a different awesome clip, which I will share at a later date, given that I had serious issues trying to upload the clip and I need to go to bed at some point.

4. Obvious (and also awesome) references on TV shows. I couldn't post the clip above without this one, too (sorry for crappy quality, the good quality ones would not let me embed them).

Stargate 200th Episode 10x06 Farscape Spoof by Caspia

5. And just so all the treasures aren't about TV, #5 is Athleta. Flipping through this catalogue is inspiring me to get back to my casual, athletic-inspired, roots. It also makes me want to work out, hike, and take a beach vacation. It even makes me want to do yoga, and I have yoga issues. Yay for cute clothes.



  1. I just have to say, I'm starting to really look forward to your Treasures posts. Such great stuff! Enver was really a standout in Dollhouse, and those Stargate clips are wonderful. Man, do I ever miss the funny Stargate!

  2. A) That clever promo is hilarious!
    B) I bought s skirt from Athleta a few months ago and I LOVE it! It's my new favorite skirt.

  3. 1. Athleta is adorable and dangerous for my wallet.
    2. I love the Stargate Farscape spoof. So hilarious. I love most of all that Browder plays Stark and not Crichton. And that they got Jonathan Hardy to voice the Asgard Rygel. So great.

  4. Mandy - thanks so much! I look forward to writing them! Enver totally needs his own show.

    Ali - I know, right? Also, I just bought a skort from Athleta. I haven't worn a skort in ages, but I figure it makes perfect sense for the active girl on the go.

    Ashley - I watched it over and over again. I heard that Browder was originally supposed to be Crichton but he asked that they change it. I have no idea if that's true. It is better on so many levels this way. Genius.

  5. I knew that guy looked familiar somehow - he just did a great guest spot on Community a couple weeks ago!

  6. @Mel - yeah, I knew he was going to be on Community. I am weeks behind on that show, though, so I haven't seen it yet.

  7. The Farscape spoof was just awesome!


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