Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mark Your Calendars Part II - Lord of the Rings & Disney Parks

To celebrate the release of the Lord of the Rings Extended Versions on Blu-Ray, all three extra-long versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy are coming to theaters this summer. Check out the fathom events site for a theater near you!

I love the extended versions, which include a lot of great material that didn't make it into the feature films. Taking a book series so packed full of detail and story and whittling it down into something the average person will sit through had to be a monumental task. The extended versions capture a little more of that story (though personally, I could do without Viggo Mortensen's singing).

And for those Disney Parks fans out there (like myself), here are the dates for the new awesomeness coming this summer:

May 20th -  The newly rebooted Star Tours ride re-opens in Hollywood Studios, Disney World. Yay!

June 3rd - Ariel's Undersea Adventure (California Adventure) and the newly rebooted Star Tours (Disneyland) open. Cars Land, which is something I'm dying to check out (hello, Route 66 fanatic), doesn't open until next year, but you can have plenty of fun with these other rides. The Little Mermaid was always one of my favorite movies, and of course I'm excited to see what they do with Star Tours, although I loved the original ride.

July 1st - The transformation will be complete on California Adventure's Paradise Pier. I'm looking forward to this area become more unique and Disneyfied. Also, if you haven't checked out World of Color yet, that is a must see.

Mark your calendars!


  1. All of this sounds like so much fun.

    There's a theater here in Austin that does a Lord of the Rings Feast every now and again. All the movies+drink+food. It's quite expensive, but I really want to attend next time they do it.

  2. @Mandy - that sounds like a lot of fun! Do they serve Lembas bread?


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