Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Treasures

I managed to get all my pre-blogging done before vacation, but I came back completely exhausted. Even though it was supposed to be one of those relaxing vacations, I still ended up not sleeping enough and had to drive a ways. Staying in someone's home rather than a hotel also means that cooking and cleaning and shopping also enter into the picture, plus taking care of Ms. B. I also kept up with my running and swimming and hiking, which were wonderful but not exactly relaxing either.

Anyway, here is this week's treasures post, a little late, but still fun.

1. I have a new T.V. show: Criminal Minds. I had moved almost completely away from crime procedurals (unless you count Castle and Bones, which I don't). My mom loves CM and my cousin Liz has a mad crush on Reid. I refer to him as her boyfriend (which might confuse her actual boyfriend) and he has definitely become one of my TV boyfriends as well. In addition to Reid's awesomeness, I think I really like this show because I love serial killer storylines in other shows, and all the episodes of CM are about serial killers.

2. This book was one of the most realistic, sweet, non-dramatic, thoroughly enjoyable young adult stories I have ever read. The kids don't treat their friends like crap, but it still rings true regarding teen life and feelings. All the t(w)eens reading PLL, Gossip Girl, and Twilight should read this instead. Etienne St. Clair is a much better crush than any of the boys (or supes) in those other books.  My attitude about YA books is basically that I'll read anything, and why should I miss out on a good YA book just because it didn't exist when I was actually a young adult?

3. Emergency Flats. Nope, not tires, shoes. These little guys fit in your bag (or you can use the little gold bag they come in as a wristlet), and they can absolutely save your feet in an emergency blister/too-high heels situation. I used them after my brother's graduation, when I had to walk several blocks back to my car. I learned my lesson from my SIL's graduation when I trotted across campus in heels and came back with lots of blisters for my effort.

4. sites. These are really great for organizing all your links in one place. They are especially handy for putting on business cards. Most of my profiles link to this site now, and my moo cards do too. 

5. I'm currently obsessed with trying to figure out the ideal blue for my TARDIS-inspired manicure for Comic-Con this year. Last year, I did a "space" manicure that didn't come off as awesome as I thought it would, mostly due to lack of trial runs. The silver "star" glitter that I layered on top ended up covering too well, obscuring the rest of the manicure.

This current obsession inspired my tweet yesterday about wanting someone to create a TARDIS blue nail shade that came in a TARDIS-shaped bottle. I definitely felt the solidarity from my fellow female Who fans on that one.

Here's the front-runner in the hunt so far, but I haven't tested anything.

The shade is China Glaze First Mate, from their Anchors Away 2011 summer collection. Image is from Ulta.


  1. Criminal Minds is awesome. I've been watching for a while now, and it never ceases to creep me out, but in a good way. The spin-off, however, was just terrible.

    I'll have to look in my polish collection to see if I can find a good TARDIS blue. I'll let you know. :)

  2. I've never heard of, and it might actually solve a problem for me! Starting a new blog next week, and *another* the week after that (yeah, so I don't actually keep up with the ONE I already have ... a girl can dream), and business cards and contact info just get more and more complicated. In theory I have a centralized website that would perform the same function, but I would have to design that and I'm lazy, so.... Anyway, thanks for the hot tip!

  3. @Mandy - I haven't seen the spin-off but I'm not sure how I could like it without Reid.

    Please report back about Tardis blue! I am starting trials soon :-)

  4. @Tara - I want to read these blogs when you start them!!! is a great site. You can always add/delete stuff later and your business cards never have to change!


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