Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Treasures - Rocky Mountain National Park Edition

In honor of the anniversary camping trip we just got back from (our anniversary is actually today, yay us!!), Tuesday Treasures gets a Rocky Mountain theme. More details of the trip will be going up here and elsewhere in the upcoming weeks.

1. Random and often startling differences in weather/temperature within just a few miles.

For example:

The Campground

moraine park

Glacier Gorge Trail (about 8 miles away)

glacier gorge

2. ELK! There were so many elk. SO MANY ELK. (Look closely in this picture)


3. Getting our parks passport stamped for the very first time! I guess this isn't specific to the park, but to National Parks in general. Also, I seem to be terrible at stamping right-side up.


4. Park amenities. This park has great bathrooms. They had sinks and mirrors and flushing toilets! You laugh, but I have stayed at so many campgrounds where none of these things were present, and some where there were no bathrooms at all. Also, the National Park shuttle system rocks. It's free, it's environmentally friendly, and the drivers are super cool. Use it, people!

5. Last, but possibly the most important, the views.

 Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park


  1. That was probably some of the most spectacular scenery I've ever seen. And one of my favorite campgrounds too! I can't wait for summer so we can explore more of the park.

  2. Also, Happy Anniversary! :-D

  3. Gorgeous locale. I'm not a big camper, but I love pretty scenery! :)

  4. @Mandy - it was really pretty there! If you're not into camping, there is a charming little mountain town just outside of the park with hotels and everything :-)


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