Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Treasures - Vacation Edition

Normally I wouldn't post about being on vacation while I'm actually on vacation, but my husband is at home, so if you're planning on robbing my house, you are outta luck.

1. Going somewhere weird or unusual. Have you read the Weird US travel/coffee table books? We have the ones for Arizona and Colorado. These are highly recommended if you want to travel off of the beaten path or learn some strange history about your destination. After living in Tucson and traveling Route 66, I have actually been to most of the weird places in Arizona (people from AZ are probably nodding). Most of the weird stuff in our area of Colorado is in Manitou Springs, like the coffin races, and all the hauntings.

2. Relaxing. I can appreciate a relaxing vacation. I am definitely not a person who needs constant activities, though I do enjoy a good ski or scuba dive. On our honeymoon, I spent an entire day in a hammock on the beach. Paradise! As you are reading this, there is a very good chance that I'm soaking in a tub fed by a natural hot springs. Ahhhhhh.

My beach toys

3. Reading. This should probably be number one. Getting away from TV and internet on a vacation means lots of book time. A very long car trip means lots of audiobook time. I'm a somewhat fast reader as well, so I have to bring lots of books with me. I've been stockpiling them for my current vacation for weeks, including the following, which have been tempting me:

4. Seeing and photographing awesome stuff. It's nice to see and take pictures of things that aren't in my neck of the woods. Keeps the creative muscle strong (or something). I consider seeing and experiencing new things to be the root of why anyone travels for vacation, so I don't think I need to say much more about that.

balloon fiesta tiltshift - 8x10


5. Packing. I love packing (hate unpacking, sometimes my suitcase goes for weeks without being fully unpacked upon my return). I love making lists, and packing lists are the best because making one means you are going on vacation!! If I'm traveling by plane, my usual M.O. is to pack as minimally as possible. I don't like to check bags (I had my bags lost once, the day before my cousin's wedding, with all my cocktail attire for said wedding inside), and I don't like to lug around more stuff than is necessary. If I'm camping, I try to minimize the gear while still having to pack all the food, which can be a challenge, especially now that we live in Colorado, and all the food has to be in a bear box (or the car) at night. Car travel is always challenging, because I'm torn between having too much crap, and forgetting something. It's easier when you are traveling with others, because space is limited.

I would normally have "spending time with family and friends" on this list, but as I'm going on this vacation mostly alone (with a bunny), that doesn't really apply.


  1. I absolutely love those "Weird" books. When my boyfriend and I moved to California, we started exploring all of those weird places in the book. So much fun! I agree with you. Packing is so much fun!!

  2. I hope you have a great vacation. :)

    That balloon photo reminded me of a vacation the hubs and I might take this October, to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Since we can't go to Comic Con this year (*sob*), we might meet my dad in the middle.

  3. Mandy, that's where that picture was taken!! It is amazing! I may be going back again this year :)

  4. I know it's like a week-long event, but if you know when you'll be there, definitely let me know! I'd love to meet up if we do end up going. :)

  5. Well, from your blog I can see the nut did not fall far the tree, I am rhinking about getting a newer truck so I can bfing it all!

  6. Are you calling me a nut, Dad?

  7. M.M.E - on my way to Pagosa Springs, I passed the Best Western Movie Manor, a location that features prominently in "Weird Colorado." It's a BW with a built-in drive-in. You can watch the movie from your car or your room (the sound is piped in).


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