Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

 Tuesday Treasures

1. Distressed faux leather cross-body bags. I'm looking for the perfect one that's cheap, cute, and will hold all my crap for Comic-Con. Thoughts? Suggestions? Here are the ones I have found so far. I'm not sure why they are flying around Paris, but it's fun.
Cross-body bags

Cross-body bags by Jelitan

2. And, since I'm already using Polyvore, I'm obsessed with the idea of a super-simple costume. I like costumes that are recognizable, but could come from your own closet. You probably know this if you have been reading this blog for a while.

Here's something I'm toying with for one of the days of Comic Con. Too bad the jacket is no longer available. It's even faux leather!

3. The fact that Amazon shipping is so fast that I got this book the day before it was technically released (yesterday).
(Hopefully it's better than the last one. It wasn't terrible, but I'm still not sure exactly what the plot was...)

4. Mythbusters. Love these guys. It's science! at its best.


Gratuitous, yet awesome, video:

5. Hulu plus came to the Xbox last Friday. Enough said. Except for this: Hey Syfy, put more of your shows on Hulu Plus!!!


  1. I love the bag on the right, second row, and the one underneath that. I'm totally in love with satchels at the moment.

    Great idea for a costume!

    And thank you for reminding me that the new Sookie is out. I'd totally forgotten. :D

  2. @Mandy - those are two of my favorites, too.

    I love the costume, it's just killing me that I can't get that jacket. It's the best one I've seen. I may have found an alternative, though.

    I'm liking the new Sookie so far. There is definitely more going on than in the last book.

  3. Good to know! The last book was definitely not quite up to standards.

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