Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday celebrations!

For those of you in the know, yesterday was my birthday, and yes, our anniversary and my birthday are WAY too close together. Three years ago I did get to celebrate my birthday with a candlelight picnic on the beach in Antigua (aka Paradise), so that was a benefit! I really enjoyed all the birthday greetings I got yesterday, online and otherwise. As a birthday present to me, you can all go read and comment on my posts from earlier this week!! :-) Who else is a camper?

Anyway, celebrations included me not cleaning the living room and kitchen (which was pretty hard to keep myself from doing, because they are a mess from traveling), going to see Hangover II (It wasn't that much different from Hangover I, which I liked a lot, but it was missing the surprise and originality of the first), and going for dinner at Blue Star, an upscale (but not dressy) restaurant in Colorado Springs. A couple of glasses of wine, combined with me not sleeping much the night before (I opened presents from my mom at 2 AM, but it was technically my birthday!) nixed our plans to go see the X-Men First Class midnight show.

My birthday celebrations continue into the weekend. I'm planning to see a few more movies without feeling guilty (that's the present part), avoid my CPE courses until next week, and on Sunday we are going here.

Also, the REI flagship store is right by it, so we are most likely going there too!

How do you celebrate your birthday?


  1. I love the REI flagship store. Elitch Gardens is a lot of fun as well. Great birthday celebration.

  2. I hope you had an absolute blast!

  3. @Abby - we didn't go to the REI store this time because they close early on Sundays. I really want to go next time, though! We are now season pass holders at Elitch's, so I'll definitely be back.

    @Mandy - we did! thanks!


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