Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hawaiian Wedding

My cousin got married about a year ago on Oahu and, well, I just got around to finishing some edits on the pictures I took. My goal was to get this done a long time ago, but, between moving and other things, it slipped my mind. The wedding was in the most amazing location, right on the beach, but also in a wooded area, so it was cool and shady, with a beach background. It doesn't get much better than that. Here are my favorite shots.

J&S wedding cake

Sisterly moment

wedding dress - black & white

the bride and groom

The happy couple

Hugging mom

Wedding Party


ceremony site

Cutting cake

It makes me want to fly right back to Hawaii. So beautiful!


  1. Beautiful! The one with her and her mom, and the cake-cutting one are really awesome!

    Also, I want to go back there just to see that beach again. :-D


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