Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Home - A few glimpses

I'm definitely not a person who posts a lot of pictures of her house. I don't fancy myself a decorator or anything like that, especially because it's a rental house and half our furniture is in storage in Phoenix, both of which limit our options.

I also don't subscribe to various aesthetic beliefs which prevent one from having family pictures in the house (say what?) or tacking posters on the wall sans frame (again, rental house, I don't like putting nails in the wall).

I do, however, like to decorate my house in a way that makes me happy, which is really what it's all about. So, in no particular order, here are the things in my house which make me happy. I don't know why I'm making some words big, but just go with it.

First off, our new deck furniture, which we just bought over the weekend at Pier 1. It is colorful and fun, and the table is just the right size for a cup of coffee and perhaps a citronella candle for the evenings.


Second, my lair. This place has gone through many name iterations, but it's just too cool to be called "my office" so I refer to it as my lair. It's like the female equivalent of a mancave, but womancave sounds dirty.



Complete with cat butt.






This is my Grant Imahara Comic-Con Mythbusters bag, signed by Grant himself. No, I wasn't so lucky as to have met the robot-building (and apparently, sword-wielding) gentleman, nor did I even score this at the con. I saw everyone with these bags and I couldn't find one anywhere. I even started asking random strangers where they got theirs, and I don't talk to strangers (without them initiating). Then, a few days later, I read about a giveaway online and I desperately begged for the GI bag. I think my comment was something like "I searched EVERYWHERE at SDCC and couldn't find one and if you give me the Grant bag I can DIE HAPPY," It might not have been that bad, but it was pretty close. I'm pretty sure "die happy" was in there somewhere. My desperation paid off, and they sent me the bag. Someday, I will meet Grant and hopefully he will be dressed like The Doctor when that happens. Right now, I will just have to settle for the Mythbusters panel and my bag.

Third, basically the whole living room technology extravaganza. We are entertained, people!



Possibly more later, if anyone is interested!


  1. Who says you shouldn't put up family pictures in your own house? That's insane!

    I dig the Grant bag :)

  2. You're office/lair is way cooler than mine. :-P

  3. Mel - agreed. I'm not sure what planet those people are living on.

    Mike - thanks babe, you should decorate your walls.

  4. Very cool stuff. Love the pattern on the futon, and the Hamlet poster. *swoon*

  5. @Mandy - Yeah, the futon is fun. I love David's Hamlet poster. It would have been so fun to see in person.

  6. Oh, PS, I got the futon cover here:

  7. Nice, thank you. :)

    Also, when I read about your Mythbusters bag, I found myself thinking that we probably passed by each other that year, at some point. We got a Mythbusters bag and had loads of people asking where we got it.

    I'm so bummed I won't be there this year, I would have so loved to meet up. *pout*

  8. Maybe I asked you where you got your bag! Wouldn't that be funny?

    I wish you were going this year, too! Next year?

  9. If all goes as planned, yes ma'am! :D


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