Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Treasures (actually on Tuesday!)

Tuesday Treasures

1. My new blog header. If you're reading this through a blog reader, you should click through and check it out. My friend, Meghan, did this illustration for me ages ago and I was having my blog redesigned around it. Unfortunately, that redesign fell through, so now I'm doing a series of blog design spruces on my own. I couldn't let Meghan's gorgeous handiwork languish on my hard drive any more!

P.S. if you want to contact Meghan, please leave a comment here and I can pass it on. I don't feel comfortable giving out any of her other contact info without her permission.

2. Picnik - If you aren't a flickr user (usr?), you might not know about this amazing little editing program. It does standard things like contrast, color saturation and temperature, cropping, exposure, etc., but it also has tons of filters and features to funkify your photos, add text, and fix cosmetic problems. Since it is built into flickr, it is super easy to edit a ton of photos in a row. Much easier than using an outside program. The basic version is free, or there is a pro version for an annual fee. If you go to picnik's stand-alone website, you can import photos from places other than flickr to edit, and make collages and other projects.

Here's a little demo for you. I just took a photo from my recent trip to San Francisco and ran it through a gamut of picnik tools.

Original photo - straight out of camera

Ferris Wheel original - demo

Cropping/Exposure/Contrast fixes

Ferris Wheel original - edits

"Lomo-ish" filter

Ferris Wheel - lomoish

"Orton-ish" filter

Ferris Wheel - Orton-ish

1960's filter

Ferris Wheel - 1960s

HDR-ish filter

Ferris Wheel - HDR-ish

HSL filter

Ferris Wheel - HSL

Holga-ish filter

Ferris Wheel - Holga-ish

Gritty filter

Ferris Wheel - Gritty

A lot of the fun features come with the free version. I hope you go play around with it. So fun!

3. Bossypants. I'm about halfway through this and I'm loving it. Hilarious. Tina Fey must have taken a lot of influence from her teen years when writing Mean Girls. There are some lines in her autobiography straight out of the movie. Also, I may have seen that movie a few too many times (if such a thing is possible).

4. San Francisco. I had never been to San Francisco before last weekend (that I was old enough to remember, anyway) and I loved it. I pretty much crammed in as much touristy stuff as was possible in 2 1/2 days and it was an amazing trip. I'm jealous of people who get to live there (I get it now!!).

Fishermans wharf

5. This backpack. It's a throwback to the original Jansport design back in the 60s. They even have the original 1967 label design. There are a couple of different backpacks in the Heritage series, and some awesome 80s-style duffels.

It comes in a bunch of great colors if you're not into bright yellow as much as I am.


  1. I am loving that yellow back pack. :) super cute banner!

  2. I really like the new blog graphics. Nice job, Meghan! I wish I had been able to see more of San Francisco while I was there. Oh well, maybe next year when I graduate I will actually have time!

  3. The header looks great! :)

    I don't know if you are into audiobooks, but I highly recommend listening to Bossypants! Tina Fey reads it, and a lot of the humor comes from her awesome voices - I love how snarky she can be and it really comes through when she reads. It was such a fun read, regardless!

    P.S. Any idea why the site won't let you comment with just your google identity anymore? It insists that you sign up for blogger instead. Weird.

  4. Erika - thanks!! I ordered the backpack and it was a little small for my tall frame, but it was super cute. They have a bigger version that I've exchanged it for.

    Mike - We'll make it a real trip next time.

    Mel - I love certain audio books (depends on the reader - I'm obsessed with the Dresden Files read by James Marsters at present). I bet that Tina Fey reading this would be great. If I didn't already have the hard copy, I would have used my audible credit for bossypants. I'm putting a hold on it at the library.

    I didn't change any sign-in settings so google/blogger might have changed their policy. Since google owns blogger, I would think your sign-in information would be the same, but I'll check it out.

  5. P.S. I just signed out to leave that comment and signed back in using the google sign-in. There is a blogger ad there, but I didn't have to click on it for the sign-in.

  6. Hmm, weird. When I try to login with my Google account, it automatically tries to set me up with a blogger account. Oh well, it's not like it really matters that much!

    Mmmmm, audiobook read by James Marsters? YES PLEASE. I will have to check this out :)

  7. So weird. They must have just changed that.

    It's actually a series of 10 (thus far) audiobooks! Plenty of Marsters to go around.

    The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

  8. Actually it's 13. Maybe I should look things up.

  9. Whoa, I just noticed the arms on the Bossypants cover and it freaked me out. You go, Glen Coco!

    Blog redesign is lookin' good! :)

  10. Three for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!

  11. 1. I love your new header.
    2. I love Picnik. It is one of the great hidden treasures of the internet. I use it all the time.
    3. I love Bossypants!
    4. I love San Francisco!
    5. I love that backpack! (I had a thing going. Sorry.)

  12. Ashley - You are too sweet. Thank you!

  13. Totally cute new header. And I've got Bossypants sitting on a shelf; I'm glad you know it's as good as I'd hoped. :)

  14. Thanks, Mandy! I think I'm going to finish it today. I got distracted by new books in a couple of my series. You know how it goes.


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