Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

1. This comic from The Oatmeal, although I think some of it is pretty dated. No one thinks that you are an important person checking important emails when you mess with your smartphone in public, and I'm pretty sure that the Space Station MIR was decommissioned (crashed into the ocean) long before the first Smartphone was invented. In 2001, I was just unbelievably excited that my phone had a camera.

2. I have converted my husband to the wondrous humor that is Parks & Recreation. This show is LITERALLY the best comedy on TV right now. Leslie Knope for President.

3. I love when my cat sits on my book, totally impeding the reading process. It could be seen as annoying, but I prefer to think of it as hilarious.


4. My mom is coming to visit this week, meaning that I get to play tourist in my town, which is my new favorite thing. I've already made a list of all the places we need to go. She hasn't been here since I was a little kid. So basically, a LONG time ago.

Colorado Springs

5. Nerd Trivia on Twitter. If you are a geek, and a twitter user, you can follow @NerdTrivia and DM answers to the questions for points. There are also achievements you can earn and bonuses for answering within three minutes. I'm totally addicted, and as a result, my DMs are crazy nerdy, especially out of context.


  1. I LITERALLY LOL'd while watching that clip. :-D

  2. Thank you for turning me on to Nerd Trivia. What fun! I feel really annoyed a lot, however, when I can't remember a really obvious answer, haha.

  3. @Mike - haha

    @Mandy - Me too! I'm always thinking "I know that I know this!!"

    The worst is when you miss a question because you're not checking twitter and you totally knew the answer.

  4. This is a tad belated, oops :)

    I LOVE Parks & Rec, and I have you to thank! I had watched an episode or two but wasn't really digging it, and you convinced me to stick with it to the funnies. I'm so glad I did, because it's hands-down my favorite show on TV right now. (Community comes in a close second, though.)

  5. Mel - I'm so glad! I didn't really love the first season and someone gave me that same advice. Now it's my favorite show (comedy category).


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