Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday (Wednesday) Treasures

1. An excellent blog giveaway contest (I guess it's technically a sweepstakes if you don't have to have to do anything except enter to win) like this one. Go over to Oh Happy Day to enter to win a trip to Paris!

2. My new water bottle, a gift from my mom. I love my nalgene, but this is great because it collapses down to fold up in a pocket and weighs almost nothing. It's perfect for travel and hiking.

3. This new promo for Warehouse 13 is intriguing. I'm keeping an open mind about the new team member (who I've heard can tell when someone is lying) and I'm excited to see more Eureka crossover, as shown in this trailer. I'm fully able to disregard (well, mostly) the fact that several actors from one show have previously guest-starred on the other show as different characters. Plus, they were all so funny at Comic-Con. They love being in the same 'verse. And who doesn't need more Fargo in their life?

4. Roller Coasters. I'm a big fan, and my plan is to take a coaster-themed road-trip one day. Has anyone done that, or known someone who has? I would love some sort of guide. Here are a few instagram shots of coasters from my birthday trip to Elitch's, where we are now season passholders.

Mind eraser #elitch

More twister II #elitch

5. Good casting. I have my fingers crossed for the success of the upcoming movie, The Hunger Games, but I have been a bit confused by some of their casting thus far. At this point, I'm hoping for the best. One good call they made was to cast Donald Sutherland as President Snow. Excellent choice, even though I originally had Zeljko Ivanek in my head while I was reading the books and sometimes it's hard to shake those initial notions. 


  1. Everyone needs more Fargo. And I'm sure you know, but scifi actors are constantly showing up in shows and then showing up again later as different people. It's too funny and more than a little incestuous. ;)

    (Remember Martha and Amy before they were Martha and Amy?)

  2. Ah yes, Martha's "cousin" at Torchwood and Amy in Pompeii. Those weren't quite as obvious as the Eureka/W13 crossovers, but still.

  3. True. They were just the first examples to pop into my head. :)

    I always laugh when a Stargate Alum shows up somewhere.

  4. I remember another one. Gwen's "ancestor" in 1860s Cardiff.

  5. I love Stargate. I will watch those actors in anything, even if it is absolutely terrible.

  6. #that bottle looks so cool (for a bottle I mean :)

    #I totally imagined Donald as Snow when I read the book (gotta admit, he has that sneaky look lol)

  7. Adrienne - he totally does! I think he'll pull off mean and creepy just fine :)

  8. It's amazing. I just used it while traveling and it was so nice to just fold it up into my bag when it was empty.


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