Thursday, July 21, 2011

101 Things Update!

 I was talking to my brother on the phone about my 101 things list and it occurred to me that I might not have that many days left in my 1001 days. I calculated it out and I only have 106 days left (and since I wrote this post two weeks ago, I'm even more screwed now!)!!! I really need to buckle down to get more of this stuff done. I'm not sure it will be possible to finish it all, especially because I haven't taken my ski lesson and it's summer now...

Here's the basic criteria:

 For my full list, go here

And here are all the things I have done since my last updates:

17. Re-read the Harry Potter series (7/7)
24. Go on 3 significant hikes (3/3) Many more than this!
27. Visit 5 museums (5/5) (Desert Botanical Gardens, 2/8/09) (Science Museum, Easter weekend), Art Museum, Other Art Museum, Maritime Museum
29. Tune up road bike (technically it was mostly Mike who did this, but since he did it, I couldn't do it, so I'm counting it as done)
34. Paint downstairs bathroom and the stairway (at the very least) - did before we left Phoenix
40. Visit 5 states that I've never been to before (Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska)
42. Have a custom blog makeover done professionally - doing it myself now, but the art is professional :-)
49. Sort through all the storage boxes - did when we moved
61. Eat at 25 new restaurants - we moved to a new city. Done and done.
72. Clean the couch thoroughly with upholstery cleaner
99. See an animal in the wild that I've never seen before - a fox! - it tried to run in front of my car 

Things that don't actually make sense anymore because we have moved to Colorado and do not own our house here:

36. Make that "photo wall" I've been meaning to with the IKEA frames
37. Make those fabric/stencil decorations for our bedroom
63. Cultivate small backyard garden (in pots – at least 5 of them!)

It's nice to watch the old map get a little more filled in. Too bad it won't let me mark Antigua as a place I've been. There is some sort of glitch there.


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