Thursday, July 14, 2011

Netflix Surfing - Hidden Gems

If you saw the movie Bridesmaids, laughed your buns off, and wondered where else this charming Irishman, Chris O'Dowd, could be found, look no further than The IT Crowd. This British sitcom centers around two geeky IT guys and their decidedly non-computer-savvy manager. There are geeky references, zany characters, and it's not too British, if you aren't an anglophile like me.

It's hard to get a sense of the show from a clip because there are definite subtleties and continuing references, but here's a pretty good one.

Also, the intro is pretty awesome.

The first four series (seasons for you non-anglophiles) are available on Netflix Streaming. Thanks, Mandy, for suggesting it!

Other recommendations:

Ally McBeal is available on streaming, for those of us who never watched it the first time around (or if you did and loved it).

Need a good cry? All Dogs Go To Heaven is available for streaming.

Haven't seen Iron Man 2 since it came out? It just showed up on streaming.

Want to mix it up in your classic sci-fi watching? Tired of space exploration? Check out Sea Quest. The first season is quite entertaining, but it gets very silly after that.


  1. I've been meaning to watch The IT Crowd for a while but I keep forgetting. It sounds like a mash-up of The Big Bang Theory and The Office but I might be way off base there. I'll have to watch and find out!

  2. @Jeff - I guess it is sort of like that, but it is a very original show, too. And very British.

  3. Aww, I watched an episode of the IT Crowd once on an airplane and loved it, but I hadn't even thought to check Netflix! And I definitely didn't know that my future Irish husband was on that show! ;) I am looking that up as soon as I get home :)

  4. Oh, how I love The IT Crowd! Always excited when I find someone else who watches it.... Very hit or miss, but some of the "hits" made me so happy. Sometimes, all I have to do is repeat "I'm disabled" or "Peter File" to myself for a sure-fire (if totally inappropriate) pick-me-up. :)

  5. @HazelandMare - if you love Chris, you will definitely like the IT crowd.

    @Tara - I agree with you on the hit or miss thing. You definitely can't be one of those people that quits a show after one not-perfect episode. Heehee, "Peter File" is making me giggle.

  6. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. :) Have you gotten to the parts with Richmond yet? He's my favorite.


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