Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Shirt Series - Daleks vs Cybermen

I was inspired to create some new shirts by the news that Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are going to be at Comic-Con this year (yay!). They are based on the awesome Dalek vs. Cybermen smackdown (verbal and otherwise) in the episode Doomsday of Series 2.  

Here's a video that shows the "clever" insults between the species. No big plot points are given away that wouldn't be found in a basic synopsis. Please don't give any away in the comments. Thanks :-) 

Watching this, I have ideas for two additional designs based on the exchanges between them. I'll probably be adding those at a later date. 

Since the shirts are a bit hard to see in the T-shirt view, I have included a blown-up version of the shirt designs as well. 

Teehee. He's elegant. 

Here's the link to the collection on Red Bubble. 


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