Monday, July 18, 2011

Pottermania 2011

Fun fact: Fox Trot is my favorite Comic Strip of all time.

I just didn't think I had enough fandom stuff crammed into one month, so I thought I would take part in Cinemark Theater's crazy Harry Potter marathon event. 8 movies. 2 days. All the popcorn you can eat.

Marathon sign


Not only that, but prior to (and during) this event, I attempted to read through all 7 books (for the umpteenth time). I made it all the way through half of #5. Combined with two summer classes, running to Denver for George R.R. Martin signing tickets, and some catch-up TV and movie watching for Comic-Con, it was a busy week. Luckily I read fast and I have three of the books on cassette, making it possible to do things like wash dishes and clothes and do other things around the house.

Harry Potter Marathon provisions

So, after two days sitting in a theater, consuming copious amounts of caffeine, not sleeping much, and crying and laughing (a lot), I basically had withdrawal on Friday. I had to wait a day to even write this blog post. It was seriously one of the most fun things I've done in a while, and I met a lot of cool nerds like me, but it was an emotional high that I totally came down from, hard, which was something I really didn't expect. Still, totally worth it. I would do it again. Plus, I didn't have to stand in line for Deathly Hallows Part II, which was great considering the ENTIRE theater sold out for the midnight show. All 20 screens. And that was just one area theater!



Here's me being all nerdy on each day of the marathon. The 9 3/4 hat was part of the swag that the first people waiting in line for the start of the marathon received. Of course, I was one of those people. Excuse the bathroom lighting in the first one, making me look ghoulish. And I did sleep and shower between these pics, even if it looks like I didn't!

Another marathon pic

Ready for day 2 of the marathon!!

We also got a poster, and special 3D glasses.



Harry Potter 3D glasses

There definitely wasn't a full house for our marathon, not enough people were hardcore enough for 8 movies in 2 days, and it was nice to be able to spread out a little, get a great seat, and still feel the camaraderie. These people are as crazy as me, and we're not afraid to show it! There was only one annoying group, too, that I had to ask to stop talking. This group also contained the girl who loudly announced during a break that she only liked the movies and thought books were boring. I swear she almost got lynched. Idiot.

I did meet a cool guy who sat in my row throughout the marathon. He was re-reading the books as well and he talked about how he was jaded about the series in the beginning, was dragged to the first two movies, then went and read the books and was hooked from there. Hooked enough to go to a nutty marathon ten years later. I told my story of how I thought they were kids books and couldn't possibly be that good and my brother told me about a thousand times that I would love them (but he was a kid! So I was still skeptical), and when I finally stole borrowed the first book from him, I stayed up half the night reading and the obsession began there. I remember that was right before the fourth came out and for some reason we only got one copy of that book so I would go steal it from his bedroom to read it because his bedtime was earlier. After that, we got our own copies!

But, anyway, I bet most HP fans have similar stories. It's always hard for me to really believe that other people like something I'm so geeked out about as much as I do, but I hope they do. I think everyone needs a series of books that really makes you fall in love with reading, or fall in love with it all over again, and that make you realize your inner child is still alive and kicking, no matter what.


  1. That is seriously intense. You are way hardcore.

  2. I am so happy you got to experience that! It sounds so amazing, and how cool to be there with so many other fans to share the experience (except for that one girl who thinks reading is lame). I'm really happy for you, I bet that was an amazing time. :)

  3. @Ashley - It was very intense. Especially reading the books at the same time, in between each movie.

    @Katie - it was so fun! And a little overwhelming. And I wanted to kick that girl ;)


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