Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday Treasures

If you're new to ze blog, Tuesday Treasures is a weekly feature where I talk about 5 things that I like.

1. The official Bones Comic-Con poster. I don't know if this is for sale on the floor or a swag ticket item*, but I'm getting one!!!

So perfect.

2. These e-reader jackets, made by Out of Print clothing. You may have seen their t-shirts on other blogs. They have the designs of gorgeous old classic book covers. Your e-reader still won't smell or feel like a real book, but now it can look like one.

3. Torchwood: Miracle Day. The premiere episode of this new season/series/whatever was pretty much everything I hoped it would be (basically not Children of Earth). I drove to Denver last Tuesday to see it in theaters at a Landmark Theaters/Starz promotion event. I would say the audience was about 80% geek, 20% people who didn't know this wasn't a brand new show, but liked it anyway.

The first episode was written by Russel T. Davies (BBC Torchwood and Doctor Who producer and writer), and others were written by Whedonverse alum, Jane Espenson. Can't wait!

Even Gwen's baby is a badass.

4. The fact that 3-D Futura** must be J.J. Abrams' favorite font.


5. My anthropology professor. This is the third class that I've had with her, and she is hilarious. She makes disparaging remarks about ASU, which I always appreciate, she stole an apple from Lebanon (not sure why), and she makes numerous pop culture references. Here's a sample lecture slide:

"Here's some eye candy for you while I talk about historical belief in vampires."

Love her. 

*Swag tickets are handed out to attendees of specific panels, one per person. You go to the swag room to cash in your tickets for amazing things like T-shirts, posters, pins, books, bags, etc., usually exclusive to Comic-Con.

**Font nerds on the internet are arguing over whether this is futura or helvetica, but it looks like futura to me.


  1. Your professor is my new favorite person.

  2. She makes a lot of awesome pop culture references, talking about Bones, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

  3. That Bones poster is so rad. Wish I could have gotten one.

    As for the font, "Lost" looks like Futura and "new york city" looks like Helvetica. I'm looking at the O in both. Futura's O is perfectly round regardless of the weight it is in.

  4. Audry - it actually ended up being a t-shirt and it was supposed to be a swag ticket item. When they cancelled the bones panel, they just put it on the freebie table, and they were all gone when I got a chance to go :(


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