Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I really need to become one of those people who takes pictures of her food. Seriously. Anyway, enjoy!

1. Torchwood: Miracle Day gets... Torchwoody - up until last Friday, I had been watching an interesting new show that happened to have characters I liked in it. After the strange, sexy, dark, Jack-centered, flashback-filled episode from last week, I felt like I was actually watching Torchwood.

Also, Mike and I realized it was time for another re-watch of old TW because we couldn't remember some of the details about Jack's past.

2. Movies! I saw these three movies over the weekend and they were all really entertaining (in very different ways):

The Help - bring tissues! This movie was the right balance of touching, hilarious, and sad.

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes - They need to invent a new Oscar category for what Andy Serkis does. Seriously.

Fright Night - Hilarious and actually a little scary. Plus, it had David Tennant in it, who totally steals the show. This opinion was corroborated by other moviegoers, don't worry, since you know that if DT had a one-line cameo, he would steal the show for me.

I would liken the tone of this movie to Zombieland or maybe even Shaun of the Dead. I hardly ever say this, but I recommend watching it in 3D. You'll know why as soon as the first vamp gets dusted.

3. Extreme Pizza - Mike and I went here for a quick bite before Fright Night on Sunday and the pizza was really yummy. They have small individual pizzas to keep you from totally pigging out, and a ton of vegetarian options. They even do take and bake (which I love) and they will deliver to our house! I was disappointed to hear that it was actually a national chain, but I'm not such a food snob that I won't eat there. It's good! Here's their site.

4. Edelweiss, the awesome authentic German restaurant in Colorado Springs. Mike and I went here after the movie on Sunday for beer and cake (in my case, wine and cake). They don't have many vegetarian meal options, but they do have a dessert menu to die for. I had the Black Forest Cherry Torte and Mike had the Hazelnut Torte. Soooo good.

It doesn't look like this right now, but isn't the snow picturesque? Images from their site.

They also have really interesting summer beer options like a mix of beer and sprite, called a Radler. It sounds so wrong, but I've got to try it. There is also beer and coke, and I've totally forgotten what that is called. It depends on the type of beer. I'm such a bad blogger sometimes. I enjoyed my wine, which was Lemberger Trocken. It smelled very perfumey, but it was dry and flavorful.

The best part is really the restaurant itself, which has a very kitschy German feel. We ate out in the Biergarten. It was really nice out there. As a bonus, they started playing Edelweiss just as we were getting ready to leave. I love that song. I actually walked down the aisle to it.

5. You can stay in a Hobbit House in Montana. Here's the NY Times article. As soon as I told Mike about this, he yelled "Book it!!" Wouldn't this be so cool? Hobbit-feet slippers and Gandalf's hat are provided.

(Thanks, Gretchen, for sharing about the Hobbit House in Reader)


  1. I'm behind on Torchwood, but your blurb makes me want to catch up. I think I'm lagging for the exact reason you started with. :/

    Also, that Hobbit house is AMAZING. I want to go too!

  2. I was so happy that Torchwood finally got more "Torchwoody" with that last episode.

    And I want more Extreme Pizza. WANT!

  3. Mandy - yeah, it has been lacking action and Torchwoodiness. I was getting worried that it was going the way of Children of Earth. Boring, boring, boring... SUPER DARK AND SHOCKING.

    Mike - mmmmmm.... Pizza.

  4. I loved Fright Night! I'm conflicted because Colin Farrell seems like a real douche canoe, but he's a great actor. Guess I should just worry about his acting since I'll never encounter him IRL ;) I was going to recommend FN to you if you hadn't seen it already :)

    Dude, I so want to stay at that Hobbit House.

  5. @Meg - teehee, "douche canoe" - I hate when actors are jerks IRL. I'd rather hate them for their lack of acting skill than their attitude.

    Dude, it has David Tennant in it. Of course I've seen it ;) I'm so glad it was good.

    Girls weekend at the Hobbit house?


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