Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I'm working on a different format with these. Let's try it out, shall we?

This Free online wine-tasting course. Straightforward, and without snobbery.

These are amazing engagement photos. Make sure you scroll down. Guys too, you will like these.

Martha Stewart's Halloween projects are the best craft projects ever. Also, if you're crunched for time or they are too complicated, go to Michaels and buy her premade kits that are half-done for you.

This Top Gear clip makes me laugh every time. I don't know why. It's short, don't worry. 

Fall leaves. Autumn is, without a doubt, my favorite season. This is probably because I grew up in the Arizona desert and the onset of Fall meant that the heat would break. Eventually. Every year I intend to go on a Fall road trip, and every year something would happen ("something" being my old job making it impossible because they didn't understand the concept of having a life). This year, I AM GOING!

These Library candles. They sell them at my favorite adorable gift shop in Manitou Springs. I have the Walt Whitman scent. Ok, that sounds odd. You know what I would really like? A candle that smells like old books. Does that exist? I know there is one that smells like new books. Maybe if I burned it along with this leather candle? Is there also one that smells like dust? I may be onto something, here.

Vintage arcade games. There is an awesome arcade here that we have frequented on occasion. It's the next thing that I need to take pictures of. We all know how much I loved the Musee Mecanique (website plays creepy loud music, turn sound off before clicking). The one here is not as cool as that, but it is still pretty sweet. And it has skeeball!

San Francisco

Trains. They are my favorite way to travel. They are basically the only mode of transportation that doesn't make me even the littlest bit queasy. They make cool sounds, and they are great for multitasking. Since there isn't really a train system in Arizona, I have never taken an Amtrak trip. It's on the life list, though. I have taken a bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto, though, so that's something.

Pikes Peak


What things are you treasuring right now?


  1. All of these are great, but the train one got me really excited. I turn into Sheldon/a five-year-old boy whenever I see a train. (Riding a train = THE BEST)

  2. Ben and I just recently took the Verde Canyon Railroad trip. It was fun! And, they give you ice cream sandwiches at the halfway point. :)

    (Okay, it was fun except for all the obnoxious children. Seriously, if you are going to give your children all kinds of sugar as soon as you get on the train, don't be surprised when they are obnoxious for 2 hours and then pass out!)

    But I have to say that Amtrak leaves a sour taste in my mouth considering the experience I had traveling from Albuquerque back to Flagstaff. Terrible! I'm sure it was just that one train, but still.

  3. Gretchen - I know! There is another sightseeing train about an hour from here that we haven't done yet. I'm really excited to go!

  4. Mel - I haven't been on that train in ages! I remember it being fun. I don't understand parents who don't attempt to rein in their children in an enclosed space like a train. They just let them run wild.

    What was bad about the Amtrak trip? I was thinking that might be a train I take someday because it's the only one that goes back to AZ from anywhere near here.

    I really want to take the Coast Starlight from L.A. to Seattle.

  5. I miss living somewhere where the leaves change a whole lot. In Texas it goes from brownish to browner, for the most part.

  6. @Mandy - In Phoenix, we didn't really have leaves. And if they did change, they would do it in January when it got cold enough :(


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