Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anglophile Shirt & Other Treasures

Better late than never, it's Thursday Treasures! Plus, a new shirt design! Yay!

There is a new shirt in the shop, designed for those who want to show off the fact that they are obsessed with all things British.

My husband and I are obsessed with the marmots on Pike's Peak. They are so cute but elusive. It's hard to spot them from the train. This is the best picture I've been able to get of one.


I'm pretty sure Mike is obsessed because he likes to say "marmot". A lot.

I may have found a cure for my grocery store hatred: the Super Target. It's a grocery store and a Target! Target is a place I love, and it makes me happy to go there. This might work. It would only be every once in a while, though, since Target is really tempting for me, and the Super Target isn't close by my house.

Roomba! I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I'm smitten with our Roomba. We used to have one back in the day, but we had problems with it and we waited several years before buying a new one, after the technology got a little better. I don't think I've ever appreciated having one so much until I lived in a house with wood floors. I hate sweeping. With a violent passion. I have to run Roomba every other day, otherwise the floors look disgustingly dirty. Best gadget ever. Now I really want this little Scooba to clean bathroom floors and the kitchen.

Minimal packing. I really don't like to overpack, and I hate checking bags. This website,, has some extremely useful tips if you're like me and you're all ways trying to cut items out of your packing list.

So, what have you been treasuring lately?


  1. found your follower!!

  2. Super Target is pretty awesome. I always have to go with a very strict list or else I'll roam every aisle and buy like a million seasonal things :P

  3. Meg - Super Target (or any type of Target) is like a drug. It's the one store that I actually like shopping in. Sometimes that's bad for my wallet.


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