Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, I had a busy weekend! We had a mini family reunion in Laughlin, NV and I got the silly notion into my head that driving there (in two-day increments) would be a really good idea. It was actually an exhausting idea, and I'm still recovering from this brilliance (as evidenced by this post being my first one this week).

I got back at about five on Monday to a very spooky house and quickly changed into my costume. Mike did a really good job even with all our (extensive) decor in storage in Phoenix. He had a massive spider web going and some creepy music and lights. He was lamenting the missing fog machine, but he was pretty satisfied with how it turned out. We gave out candy to trick-or-treaters and watched 28 Days Later and the newest Walking Dead. It was a very zombie-filled night. Plus, we actually got to watch the whole movie because we only had about 15 trick-or-treaters, as opposed to 150 or so that we had in Phoenix. I was not a party animal, exhausted from driving, I passed out at about nine. I was so tired, in fact, that when I had to get up and take my cat to the vet at seven, I did it with platinum blonde spray in my hair, and loads of Billie Piper mascara smudged around my eyes. Sexy.

Hope you had a great Halloween! (and that it was more exciting than mine, obviously)


  1. Ok next year I'm REALLY going to put together an actual costume!

  2. Mike - or I'm going to do it for you

  3. D'oh...I thought I commented on this :| I think I told you before, but I really like your Rose outfit!

    You guys should cosplay for the next con - I will too! :D


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