Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TinTin = Nerdgasm

Ok, so I feel like every time I gush about an upcoming movie on here, it turns out to be not so great (see Cowboys & Aliens). If I believed in jinxes, I would probably avoid talking about The Adventures of TinTin, but I don't.

This movie is one of the most perfect nerdy equations I have ever seen. Here we go:

Directed by Steven Spielberg. The man knows what he is doing. I don't think I need to list his credits here.


Produced by Peter Jackson. Geek God. Lord of The Rings


Written by Steven Moffat. Writer of Doctor Who. Need I say more?


Starring, in no particular order (because they are all seriously awesome):

 Daniel Craig (James Bond)

 Simon Pegg (Montgomery Scott, Shaun of the Dead)

Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot)

Andy Serkis (Gollum)

Cary Elwes (As you wish!)

Nick Frost (famed Pegg sidekick/partner, on and off-screen)


How could it not be good? Anyone else really looking forward to this? We are going to go see it on Christmas Eve.


  1. I know literally nothing about Tin Tin, and I am excited for this movie.

  2. I somehow didn't hear anything about this movie!! But NOW I'm excited!! lol

    I always get myself really worked up about movies I want to see and then they end up not being as good as I would have hoped.

    On a side note, I LOVE Cary Elwes! =P

  3. @Ashley - when I was making the case to my mom about going on Christmas Eve, she asked what it was about. I was like "um...yeah... adventure? and a dog?" Who cares, it's going to be amazing.

    @Julie - I love Cary Elwes too!!! I've had a crush on him since The Princess Bride.

  4. How the heck have I never heard about this movie. It has all the best people in it. Thanks for the share!

  5. @Heather - I know, right? I had no idea until I looked it up.


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