Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Holiday Round-Up

Here is a roundup of some great holiday tips and freebies I've found recently (and over the years):

Holiday Hair tutorials - simple, classy 'dos you can do yourself

Super cute printable gift tags - just print and cut out at home

More awesome free printable gift tags

Handmade gift ideas from Martha Stewart

Make your own jam

DIY Christmas Decor

Make your own wreaths - these would make great gifts!

Campfire Chic's round-up of holiday posts

Wine Etiquette - who knew?

Proof of Santa for you parents out there

Make bows out of magazines and plastic grocery bags (these are really attractive, despite how they sound)

How to use leftover wrapping paper

DIY gift bags - make your own or dress up inexpensive alternatives

And a few tips of my own:
  • Use your leftover holiday cards from previous years for gifts like money and gift cards. If it has been a few years, I'm pretty sure the recipient will have forgotten what your Christmas card looked like.
  • Use old holiday cards received from others as gift tags, labels, and wrapping decor.
  • Use yarn instead of ribbon. It's much less expensive. This is especially cool if you make pom-poms as well (see picture above)
  • Re-use gift bags - I keep the tags on them so I don't end up giving it right back to the same person. 
  • Keep crumpled up tissue paper to use as gift padding
  • For inexpensive wrapping items, visit Paper Mart
  • Kraft paper can be dressed up really nicely with paper doilies, tags, and twine. So much cheaper and more environmental than wrapping paper

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