Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random NY story (in which I sort of meet a celebrity, but not really)

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to tell you guys that I saw a celeb in NYC. Weirdly enough, it was one who doesn't live there, but it was New Years week, so there were probably lots of them in town.

It was Jared Padalecki. You know, this guy:

This was our exchange:

I looked over as I was crossing the street, pretending to be cool, channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw* (you know, I was in New York!). I see a tall guy, notice that it's Jared Padalecki. I do a (very subtle, I swear) double-take. Yep, Jared Padalecki. We make eye contact. He gives me that (very Dean Forester) look of slight concern, like he knows I recognized him and he doesn't know what I might do. Do I really look like the rampaging fangirl type? Anyway, I give him a subtle nod and walk on by like "hey, I am a fan, but I'm not going to bug you". Am I not the coolest? Very New York. Or a girl from Arizona's idea of what New Yorkers are like.

I'm also pretty sure I saw Toni Collette at our matinee of Wicked.

And that is the story of how I didn't actually meet celebrities in New York City. You might be asking why I didn't tweet this at the time. The answer is that I'm learning. The last time I tweeted about meeting a celeb, I got spammed by a bunch of crazed stalkers wanting to know where he was. And it wasn't even about me meeting him! It was my friend!

*I don't think I actually have an inner Carrie. Maybe a Miranda.


  1. I need to watch Supernatural, huh. Crap.

    1. It's ok, I'm only on season 2. Went to the panel at SDCC, and I didn't even know most of the characters.

  2. Outside of Comic-Con I haven't ever run into a celebrity just on the street. I've always wondered what I'd say to them; something lame, most likely. Or worse I'd recognize them, but not know their real name!

  3. Ha! Yeeeeess! That's awesome. Your worst nightmares about acting like a "rampaging fangirl" in front of a celebrity didn't come true, yay! :D

    Are you suuure it didn't happen more like this:

  4. Yep, in my world, that's a subtle double-take. I did do the other thing that I'm afraid of (totally forget his name in the moment).

  5. I probably would have accidentally called him Jensen or something.

  6. Yep, I couldn't get Jensen's name out of my head. I was like "ack! No! the other one!"


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