Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are you watching this? - Downton Abbey

A new blog series? Hmmmm.... maybe. I would have to, like, get my sh*t together for that to happen. 

No Spoilers.

If you have ever been a fan of the period romance, BBC mini-series, anything Jane Austen, etc., you should really be watching Downton Abbey. Actually, even if you aren't into those things, you still might like it. It is very accessible. I knocked out the first two series* last week because I couldn't. stop. watching. And laughing. And crying. It is amazing and I'm kind of in love with Matthew, as much as one can be in love with a fictional character.


The show centers around the life of the residents of fictional Downton Abbey from 1912 to 1920 (so far), both the family of the Earl of Grantham and their servants. There is just enough romance, drama, humor, and old-fashioned manners to make it an instant favorite. To fully understand, you'll just have to watch!

If you are already a fan, please enjoy this video of three friends watching Downton Abbey together. It's awesome, and I want to be their fourth friend**. I'm not sure if you would consider anything in this video a spoiler, since you can barely hear what is going on in the actual show.

My friend, Meg, also sent me this awesome link to pictures of the Downton residents out of costume

Feel free to gush about Downton in the comments, but no spoilers, please! If you want to talk in a spoilery way, please feel free to email me (address in the right column). I'm all caught up, and I would love to hear what you think (unless it's bad, then never mind).

Series 1 is available on Hulu Plus and Netflix Instant.

*Seasons, for you non-anglophiles
**I would probably yell things about how Mary's makeup artist should be shot for not putting blush on her. That chick is washed out.  


  1. OK, that Watchin' Downton clip is hilarious :D O'bried burns? Amazing! "Edith" to the tune of "Beat It" is pretty amazing too.

    Aw, Matthew *pets*

  2. Matthew pretty.

    I like when the one in the middle yells at Lavinia.


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