Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can we just take a moment...

... and talk about how Ellie Kemper's Oscar dress would have made an amazing fire dress for Katniss?

I swear, Armani totally stole this idea from Cinna.

Here's a quick view of the movie version, captured from the trailer:

Sidenote: I think Stanley Tucci will make a great Caesar Flickerman.


  1. Is it just me who doesnt know who Katniss, Cinna and Caesar Flickerman are?

  2. They are Hunger Games characters.

  3. That's probably my favorite dress from the Oscars, so pretty! And it matched her hair so incredibly well too:)

  4. I really liked the matching hair and dress. Some people were very negative about it, but I thought it really highlighted the great color. Red-heads can do that kind of thing better than other people, I think :)


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