Monday, March 5, 2012

March Mondays #30daysoflists #marchphotoaday

So, I'm participating in two daily challenges this March: March Photo a Day, and 30 Days of Lists: March 2012 Edition! I have designated Monday as the day where I share the previous week's photos and lists because, wait for it, it starts with M!

Let's kick this week off right, here we go.

March Photo a Day:



Marchphotoaday neighborhood




#marchphotoaday #day4 bedside

Stack close-up #marchphotoaday #day4 bedside

And Lists!! I used a new notebook this year so I would be less inclined to write the super long lists, and I could easily share them via my phone, on the go. It is working out so well so far. 

#30lists notebook - used glitter pen on it

Challenges #day1 #30lists

#30lists #day2 march goals

#30lists #day3 recipe for a perfect weekend

#30lists #day4 things to put off until tomorrow...

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