Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stuff and things - on life, hiking, and reading the book first

Hey, what's up? I've been buried under an avalanche of tests and papers lately, but I'm finally seeing the light of day! Spring break is in a couple of weeks, although at my age and stage of life, Spring Break is going to be the time during which I organize and clean my house, run errands, catch up on Nerdified Shirts, etc. No MTV beach party (do they still do that?).

I have some really great posts planned, but you'll just have to wait. One of them is quite labor-intensive so it'll be coming out the week of Spring Break (in two weeks). Teaser: it involves TV and awesomeness. The lovely Mandy tagged me in her latest post, so I'll be following up with that as well (hopefully next week). Yay!

Anyway, the weather here has been beautiful. We went from snow last week to amazing, clear skies. Though I personally love rain and snow, sunshine is ideal for getting out there and doing things (except for skiiing or whatever - you would think that, living in Colorado, we would do more skiing, but we've actually done less). I skipped the gym* and went hiking at Garden of the Gods yesterday. I discovered a trail I hadn't tried before and it has now become my favorite loop. I snagged a couple of camera phone shots.

A sign #marchphotoaday

Seriously, there are no clouds for #day14 #marchphotoaday

I utterly failed my March Photo a Day assignment, as it was Clouds. Yeah... no clouds.

I'm looking forward to the Hunger Games movie, which comes out this month, as you probably know. This reminds me of a conversation I had in one of my classes where the professor was asking who had seen the movie The Kite Runner, and who had seen The Indian in the Cupboard and some other movie. Somehow this was all relevant to class discussion. Anyway, my point is that they were all based on books, yet no one seemed to have read them (except me) and I thought it was weird that she was specifically asking about the movies. Does no one read anymore? If not, shouldn't she be encouraging it? Thoughts? Does anyone else try to always read the book the movie or show is based on before seeing it? Personally, I would rather have a book "ruin" a show or movie than the other way around. I've even read the Pretty Little Liars series, though I wouldn't consider that required reading (but I do know who A is, which feels empowering).

What else is going on? Oh, we got our Comic-Con tickets! Thanks to Mike's incredible good luck, we managed to break into the line at the right time. All passes were sold out in less than an hour and a half. I have a theory, that once they stop making Twilight movies, the ticket-buying process might be somewhat reasonable again**. You just had to split Breaking Dawn into two parts! *shakes fist* Anyone else going?

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Drop me a line and tell me what's up with you :)

*This implies that I've been regularly going to the gym. Hahaha. Yeah, no.
**This should in no way imply negative things about Twilight fans, just my desperate need to go to Comic Con every year.

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