Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Someday Road Trip

On a whim, I mapped out a big, circular adventure around the American Northwest. This circle ended up being a lot bigger than I originally envisioned, so it became a "someday" road trip, rather than a "let's go this summer!" type of trip.

It starts in Colorado Springs, obviously, but I think it could easily adjusted to originate anywhere in this area. 

Stops include:

Yellowstone National Park
Glacier National Park
San Francisco

It's not on this map, but I think the Olympic Peninsula would be a necessary addition, since we would be in the area anyway. In addition, moving the trip down the coast to the Pacific Coast Highway would not be amiss.

Mike and I are thinking about doing the loop next summer, after he is done with grad school. Any place along here that is unmissable?


  1. Stop into Rogue River, OR, and say hello to my hometown for me, will you? :) It's on I-5, so it's on your route.

    1. I will! I want to go on this road trip now! Mike really wants to go with me so I'm waiting until he is done with grad school. Is there something awesome in Rogue River that I should check out?


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