Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Little House - Outside

We haven't visited my charming little house in a while and, let me tell you, it is looking particularly charming in the Spring. Flowers are popping up, the grass is green, the hammock is swinging, all that jazz. Plus, it gives me incentive to do some good cleaning.
I am using the blogsy app for iPad to do this post so hopefully everything comes out ok. I am trying to get used to using it for Belize and Comic-Con as I want to do some blogging while traveling. Should be fun!

Anyway, let's start with the outside of our little house, especially since we haven't done the cleaning part yet.

It's probably time to put the snow shovel away.

Our neighbors put up a wooden fence for their dogs which adds privacy for us too. It is also nice that they turned the falling-down dump next door into a really cool little house. It's much more pleasant to look at!

We were also lucky to have previous tenants who were into gardening. They planted all the flowers, herbs, and such that we have been admiring as they pop up.

We are really enjoying being outside. I felt pretty cooped up during the winter. Mike has been mowing the lawn. He loves it. I think it makes him feel manly.


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  1. Mowing the lawn is one of my few chores that I do really well!

    Great pictures, BTW. Makes me want a hammock in my office.


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