Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Shins at Red Rocks (and it's my Anniversary!)

Woohoo! Four year wedding anniversary! I'm celebrating by cleaning, laundry, and packing! Woo-... hoo? Don't worry, we went to The Shins concert on Tuesday and we are having a "Jen and Mike's Day of Fun!" (to be said in your best Janice accent) on Saturday which will include, but is not limited to: a movie, a delicious breakfast, and much time spent at our local arcade - a nostalgia fiend's treasure trove. Plus, since my Dad and I discovered the horse racing game that I am so good at (suck it, Dad!), I've been itching to go back. This is our first Anniversary without a little mini-break (usually camping) but with my trip coming up and my local dig* starting Friday, we are planning to take the trip at the end of the summer.

On to pictures from The Shins! This was a great concert, and it was my first time at Red Rocks, arguably the most beautiful concert venue in the world. Next time, we might want to find a campground in Morrison, as the schlep back to Colorado Springs after the concert was loooooong.

The Shins

The Shins

The Shins

I have discovered several things as my taste in music has generally shifted over the years. Most of them involve the increased pleasantness with regard to the concert-going (you know, for old people like me). Here are my top five things I like better:

5. I can hear the next day.

4. I can function the next day.

3. The bands are so nice, and they really appreciate that you showed up for them.

2. I don't have to "dress up" - I used to change from "professional Jen" to "Punk Jen" on concert nights and it just felt weird. It mostly involved black t-shirts and lots of eyeliner. Now, "student Jen" and "Indie concert-goer Jen" pretty much dress the same way.

1. No mosh pit, meaning no getting knocked down, or hit in the throat, or elbowed in the stomach. I once asked my then-roommate Josh 'what do people do at Indie concerts, just sway?' And he said something like "yeah, pretty much..."** and they do, and it is glorious. 

Well, I'm off to pack for Belize and Comic-Con because my travel schedule looks a bit like this:

I don't think putting my costume and makeup and everything together on July 10th is a feasible option so I'm doing it now!

*My professors convinced me that I should take part in the local dig for one week before going to Belize. I can learn basic techniques (what my professor referred to as "the right way" of excavating) and get additional school credit. I'm hoping it isn't completely exhausting before I fly out!

**Hope that was you, Josh, now I'm doubting myself...


  1. A very beautiful venue. I looks like Vasquez Rocks.

    1. If it looks like this, I definitely want to go to a concert there someday!


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