Monday, May 21, 2012

Wear Your PJs to the Beach - Cute, Easy, and Functional Beach Wear

I've been seeing some really fun and functional beach wear lately. I guess it's that time of year!

I spotted a creative use of floral silk PJ pants as a substitute for linen pants (which I don't like because they are wrinkly looking) in the latest Lucky Magazine. I love the idea of rolling out of bed and going straight to the beach, actually looking decent and being comfortable while doing it, and having at least one piece of beachwear that protects my uberwhite legs from the sun. Unfortunately, the pants they showcased were these, for $325. No thanks.

I have found a possible alternative in these:

I like the different patterns available in the Victoria Secret PJs, and that they come in different inseams.

Victoria's Secret also makes similar PJs in cotton, which would probably be a better alternative for travel to a hot, potentially muggy climate, especially if I plan to actually sleep in them as well (dual-duty clothing! It's a "packing light" staple!).

These also come in several different styles and colors, as well as inseam lengths. Score! I'm tempted to get ones with polka dots but lately I feel like all my clothing has polka dots on it. I might be in a rut.

I also spotted these Roxy bottoms which might do the trick and double-function as PJs. For me, I'm worried they might be too short, but they look comfortable!

Mike's graduation was yesterday (more on that later) and some very random small areas of my body that I missed with the sunscreen got burned. It got me thinking about my trip and how I am going to spend essentially an entire month outside, and I needed to invest in some extra sun protection because I'm pale and prone to burning. This got me thinking about hats. This post led me to the big floppy sun hat, particularly to this one, which is packable. I might look ridiculous (I don't often wear hats), but at least I won't be burned!

I found some other alternatives, including this one for a more safari-ish look (which would probably actually work better for my dig). It skirts the line between functional and attractive, and doesn't look too dorky. Plus there's an absolutely useless pocket! I guess you could put hair ties in it...

There is also this Roxy one which is really cute and has great reviews. 

Anyone else have any favorite beach wear?


  1. What a cute idea! And I love those hats. I'm not a beach-goer, but I might like to be if I had a few of these items.

    1. It's fun, right? I've always been a landlocked state dweller, so I don't get to go very often, but I do enjoy it.


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