Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch you on the Flip Side

Note: this post was supposed to go live yesterday! Sorry, Jeff!

Me: Dad, how did you get through security with your toiletries like this? 
Dad: I guess they were too busy confiscating my pocket knife!

By the time you read this, I should be on my way to Belize. I may be hanging at the Charlotte airport during my absurdly long layover, drinking massive amounts of coffee, and just trying to stay awake! My goal is to blog on the road, using the Blogsy app for iPad, which seems to work really well. In addition to this, I've scheduled some great guest blog posts, written by my brother, about traveling smart and light. By the way, it is his birthday today, so make sure to wish him a happy one!! Happy Birthday, Jeff!

I know I told you I wouldn't post this picture on the Internet. I lied.

This past week, I've been warming up my excavating muscles (trust me, you discover muscles not used in everyday life) with a dig sponsored by my school. It has been quite warm (I'm from Arizona, I refuse to say it's been hot) and sunny, but I managed to not get burned at all, except for a tiny strip on my back where my shirt rode up one day. So close! I learned a lot, and my dig partner and I bonded over a shared love of British television, but I just wish we had actually found some artifacts before I had to leave.

This weekend, I've been running around, doing random things like last-minute packing, dyeing a jacket for a SDCC costume (it did not turn out so well, the thick stretchy areas of the fabric took no dye, but it's workable), going to see Prometheus (loved it), washing my excavation clothes, and loading my e-reader up with library books. I read a lot on vacation, no matter how busy it is, and my e-reader has become my favorite minimalist packing accessory. My only complaint (aside from the fact that I miss the feel of a real book in my hands) is that I have to turn it off for takeoff. Lame.

I hope you all have a really great month! Barring any weird problems with the Internet, you should be hearing from me soon.

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  1. Just don't take any golden statues from suspicious looking pedestals.


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