Monday, June 18, 2012

Life at Blue Creek

Note: This was written a few days ago. Things are better now.

This is the best ice cream I have ever had. It's magical Mennonite ice cream and they will never reveal their secret. I am sitting at the wonderful cafe across the street from the camp, which has amazing sweets and American food. I have heard rumors that they have pizza, which would be amazing. So far, I've just had ice cream and fries.

It is hard to talk about life here because 1) I'm right in the middle of it 2) it isn't all puppies and rainbows and 3) any situation with me and a bunch of people and manual labor is bound to be hard, and I'm feeling bleh at the moment.

So, better to show pictures! I'm at the Internet cafe across the street from camp and uploads are slooooow. So, here are all the pics that I can upload and still get sleep tonight.

This is camp. It is gorgeous there. I pictured a place in the middle of the jungle, but it's surrounded by pasture. Much fewer bugs. More cows.

This is the palapa. It is the center of life for chilling out, having a beer, reading, or having our evening lectures.

Here is my tin can cabana. I would show you the inside, but it's sort of gross. Picture 2 beds and super nasty clothing hanging everywhere. Also, mosquito netting. You get the picture.
Here are the cows that moo in the night. All night.
Catch you guys later! I have limited bandwidth (mostly that means very few pictures).


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  1. Next time you get Internet you should upload some howler monkey recordings!


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