Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ideas, Goals, and Pledges

I have some good ideas. Well, I think they're good, anyway. Maybe if I put them out there I might abide by them for once. Once, like a million years ago, I made a pledge to not buy any tchotchkes for a year. Now it has been more than 4 years. No tchotchkes. Maybe it's because my best friend laughed at me in the comments to that post. IN YOUR FACE! (Love you)

Anyone want to make some pledges with me?

1. Clean out my closet. For reals. I actually clear out my closet quite frequently, but it never seems quite clear enough. I need to really get down to it.

2. Photos! I can't believe I still haven't gotten my photos from Comic-Con off of my camera. I planned on this being the year I blogged about it super early, but instead it's super late. I blame my back. It totally seized up after all the traveling I did this summer and I could barely move. I did get a lot of Vampire Diaries watched, though, so really it's a win.

3. Books. If I have a shopping addiction, it is probably to buying books. As a result, I have many books on my shelves that I have yet to read. For those not on my shelf (or on my desk, or stacked in the living room), I am embracing the library more. With the Colorado Springs Library (pretty extensive actually), several college libraries, and the DMNS library at my disposal, there's really no excuse. Especially with things like hold shelves and interlibrary loans. I just need to also embrace the "renew books" and the "return books on time" philosophies as well.

4. That Pesky GRE. I have taken this test once before, but my knowledge of Geometry deteriorates a little more each year, so I guess I need to study. I'm dedicating Friday as GRE study day! I'm hoping to take it in about a month. After the CPA exam, standardized tests don't really scare me anymore.

5. Make contacts and join societies. This is good for students and professionals. I've started going to office hours more, even if I don't really have questions. I talked with one professor about Harry Potter for about half an hour. As for joining societies, I recommend that for everyone! Joining a society looks good on a resume, and you might learn something, too!

6. Volunteer. Since moving to Colorado, I haven't been that involved. Since this is basically the only time since 7th grade that I haven't been volunteering for something, I am jonesing to give back to the community! It just feels good, you know?

7. Blogs. Not necessarily a pledge to get back to blogging (though, that is something to think about), but to get back into the community. I am planning a comment spree on all my favorites that I haven't visited in a while.

8. Facebook. How many people, in a list of goals, make one to spend MORE TIME on Facebook? This might be the first. I really need to promote Nerdified Shirts more on social networks.

9. New Shirt Designs! These have been in my head for a while, but they are going to be on shirts soon! Look for new designs by the end of September. There, I've made a deadline!

10. There is no ten, because I just looked up and realized I have to leave for class in 20 minutes and I'm still in my PJs. OOPS!

Anyone have any other good ones? 


  1. Great list, Jen. Would you happen to have a square button for Nerdified Shirts (or your blog?) (ideally 170x170) that I could put up in my sidebar? :)

  2. 3. I've been doing the library thing a lot lately because I now LIVE NEXT DOOR TO A LIBRARY, but it's not helping my situation very much (my situation being that I have too many unread books that I already own).

    4. Don't do what I did and wait to study until the weekend before and then lose your goddamn mind in a Starbucks after 12 hours of straight math studying.

    7. I feel like all the peoples I associate with on the interwebs have been a bit disengaged lately. What's that about? I think I'm going to blame Google once again for killing GReader.

    8. I have wanted that I <3 <3 The Doctor shirt for SO LONG but I can never seem to find the money for it :(

    Hey, if I start a thing on my blog about getting back into blogging, would you be interested participating? I don't want to do it if no one else is going to -- then I would look like a loser. Which is a big deal? I don't know. Whatever.

    P.S. I am eagerly awaiting your Comic-Con post(s).

    1. Yes, I will participate!

      I feel the disengagement too, for sure. I'm trying not to let it discourage me.

      Re: the SDCC posts, I start tearing up just THINKING about the Fringe panel.

    2. YAY!

      And noooooo! Fringe :( Sad.


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